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Evo Port Test ROMs | Droid Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adrynalyne, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    This is an evo/incredible hybrid rom. The goal is to make the best performing, most stable alternative until we get our official Froyo rom. A lot of folks have been testing this over the last week or so, and results have been positive!


    Pure Evo official OTA Framework.
    Dinc drivers.
    Mostly Evo official OTA apps, except those needed to make certain functions on the Dinc work correctly. Each app was handpicked in an effort to find what works best.
    Dinc .32 kernel.
    internal task killer tweaked.
    32M virtual memory heap size.
    MMS should be working, and is the stock Android app.
    hulu works, check hulu_install folder for instructions (on your sd card).
    wifi tether works with wireless_tether_2_0_5-pre7 or 2.0.2 from the market.

    No crapware!

    The current rom is out of testing and now entering a beta phase.
    This is installed with clockwork, and does not contain a radio or anything of the sort. Thats something you will need to sort prior.

    A senseless version has been created by michaelnhf. All credit and thanks go to him for working hard to bring us a senseless version! This is based on beta 1.

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    MD5: E31769761A151C640DFD40B19606C754

    Good luck, and most of all, have fun tweaking your phone!


    Beta 2 8/7/2010:
    --Working MMS. Yay! (You will need to wipe for this. Or use APN Backup and Restore and the linked xml file in this post).
    --No more crashing phone on speed dial. Yay!
    --No more permanent speed dial 2 for non-existent customer service. Yay!
    --A less lame default ringtone (Droid Rollin). Yay!
    --Disabled backup assistant module from setup wizard (its not there anyway).
    --Disabled location on alert that annoys us on first reboot after enabling location.
    --Disabled SIP tutorial on setup wizard.
    --Added Droid notification sound.
    --Added Droid ringtones.
    --Added Basic file manager. Will only access sd card. Good for when you have nothing installed and need to get to stuff stored on your sd card.
    --Newer Gmail client.
    --new ad free web hosting, courtesy of earthtodigi.

    Link: http://adrynalyne.us/files/roms/frank/frankenrom_b2.zip

    beta 5

    Visual Voice Mail has been added.
    Backup assistant has been added.
    Stock HTC messaging app has been added.
    Latest flash can be found in sw_files/flash (Not to be confused with Flash for Hulu in hulu_install folder.
    Non ported Evo themes apppear to work (Check forum for caveat).
    Super user, courtesy of ChainsDD.
    Foursquare was crashing on b4, appears to be working now.
    Wireless tether is included in the sw_files folder on your sd card.
    ChrometoPhone is now included.
    Updated Google Search and Voice Search
    Scripts from One Rom To Rule Them All still work.

    beta 6
    --Fixed music player not seeing emmc (internal storage) again.
    --Added custom kernel that supports wired tether (need 1.3 beta) It will say kernel unsupported, but will still work.
    --Fixed phone speed dial settings again.

    Link: http://adrynalyne.us/files/roms/frank/frankenrom_b6.zip

    MD5: 7326ECAE1B3D71D9B0B87CA312C3CC01

    Please leave bug reports in this thread.

    Current bugs
    Outgoing MMS is hit and miss (mostly miss). Temporary fix, credit to c0dej0ckey: Use APN Backup and restore from the market to restore the APN, found here. A couple of users have reported that clear data under messaging (settings, manage apps, running apps)after APN restore. Resolved in beta 2.

    If MMS stops working, ask yourself:

    "Did I install some stranger's framework hack to hide stuff, change icons, or colors?" If the answer is yes, thats what broke your MMS.


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  2. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Android Enthusiast

    What's it all about? Let me know and I'll give a you a for sure answer :)
  3. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Its a froyo rom. If interested, PM me.
  4. Obed

    Obed Newbie

    (ducks his head in the room)

    I'm game (like turkey)
  5. Dsoto87

    Dsoto87 Well-Known Member

    Im down to try it
  6. Damn_Smooth

    Damn_Smooth Well-Known Member

    I'll give it a shot.
  7. tcbj

    tcbj Well-Known Member

    hit me, im up for it.
  8. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    Love the keyboard on this mann
  9. pospower

    pospower Newbie

    I'll help out send it. thanks
  10. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Thanks for helping him guys :0 we nearly have 10 now
  11. wtfdan

    wtfdan Well-Known Member

    me too, but I just realized that I could do the arrow thing with the optical trackpad after a month of using DInc
  12. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No more testers please :)

  13. Obed

    Obed Newbie

    anybody else have to toggle off signature verification to get it to install?
  14. wtfdan

    wtfdan Well-Known Member

    ^ I had no problem installing it
  15. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Same went on fine from install from zip from sd card in Clockwork, no problems
  16. Obed

    Obed Newbie

    after I disabled verification it went like butter.
    It seems smoother, camera and camcorder work fine...no "sync all" widget

    I did get one process.android.core force close a couple minutes ago
  17. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    What I have tested that is working so far:
    1. Camcorder - 720p works fine
    2. Camera
    3. FM radio
    4. Internal Storage
    5. Bluetooth
    6. Wifi -- noticeable fix, I used to only get 2 bars in my room, now I have full bars!
    7. Reception bars has been changed to 6 bars, I'm consistently getting 5-6bars!!!
    8. Wireless tether
    9. HTC flashlight
    10. Has TV out option -- you can set at Automatic, 1280x720 or 720x480.
    11. LED notifications work
    12. GPS

    Stay tune!
  18. shred1

    shred1 Well-Known Member

    Hows wireless tether?
  19. gris1016

    gris1016 Newbie

    gps??? I tried gps test and nada...
    mflops 39-40 consistently
    quadrant 1220-1250
    This runs SMOOTH so far. I have not had a force close yet
    wifi tether works fine here

    This is great! THANKS
  20. pospower

    pospower Newbie

    Wifi tether works!!!
  21. Obed

    Obed Newbie

    40+ mflops with over 20 apps installed, WiFi connects fast and stays connected with no errors. Another process.Android.core force close but all in all, very good so far.

    Anybody know where I can find signal strength in dBm?
  22. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Android Enthusiast

    Haven't had any fc's yet, everything works great, even gps. Google nav works, tried gps test and connected to 12 satellites within 15 or 20 seconds. So far so good. I'm actually noticing as i type this that typing in landscape in rhe browser is EXTREMELY laggy. May not be the rom, I normally swipe, just haven't installed it yet, so don't have much to compare it to, just thought is throw it out there. Will continue to provide feedback over the next few days.

    Thank you adrynalyne for all the work you do for the community.
  23. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    Your GPS works??!
  24. dcesq06

    dcesq06 Newbie

    Can we get a hint as to what type of ROM this is?! I'm intrigued! :)
  25. Obed

    Obed Newbie

    Mine does. Pin point.

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