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Evo protection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PerfectHorizon, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. PerfectHorizon

    Thread Starter

    Originally I was using the Otterbox Defender series, however I did not like the rubber on the outside because it stuck to my pocket too often. I then switched to the Otterbox Defender series, which is a really great case. But it still adds too much to the phone. Does anyone know of any other options. I never used a case until I got this phone and I also take pride in that I never have dropped a cell phone. My only reason I use the case on this phone is the stupid camera lens design.

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  2. Cuso

    Cuso Well-Known Member

    So you bought the defender twice?? LOL I think you have a typo somewhere..
  3. firebirdude

    firebirdude Member

    Check out the "barely there" case by casemate. Newegg.com has it for $10 shipped right now. Provides excellent protection on the camera and the edges ride up just barely higher than the screen to keep the screen off the table when it's set face down. All while adding little to nothing to the phone. Does it provide protection against gorillas? Of course not, but it's far better than nothing. And really with no sacrifices.
  4. jericko

    jericko Android Enthusiast

    I too recommend the Case Mate barely there case. I had the Otterbox Commuter case and it just added too much bulk. I switched to the Barely there case last week and love it, excellent protect and fits much better in my pocket. Get it from NewEgg for $9.99 shipped!

    HTC EVO 4G Barely There Case by Case-Mate

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