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Support EVO Running Apps - What's garbage, what's not? How to automate a batch force close of the crap?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LazyEngineer, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. LazyEngineer

    LazyEngineer Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 19, 2010
    Applogies if this has been addressed elsewhere. My searches were not fruitful for finding such, so a reply with a link to such would be much obliged

    Press Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Running and there appears to be quite a lot running. Some is obviously useful and important, some is obviously garbage, and some is unknown. Is there a detailed listing for the EVO uses describing each of these, and if they are actually useful? Similar question on "Running Services"

    An important addition to my question - is there a way to automatically do a batch force close on the garbage? I'm hesistant to download "Task Killers", as they too are often reported to suck up a lot of resources in their own - so advice there would be appreciated as well.

    Here is my listing of what's running on a freshly rebooted phone, and if I intend to include it in a batch force close - please comment on these:

    Amazon MP3 0.444MB - FORCE CLOSE.
    I hate this app. I'm not interested in Amazon MP3. I wish I could remove it. Why is this running?

    Android System - 0.00MB - KEEP RUNNING (obviously)

    Calendar Storage - 0.352MB -KEEP RUNNING??
    I'm not sure what this actually even is. Is it part of my full-screen calendar widget? I like and use my calendar a lot, but is this thing needed for me to use it?

    Clock - 0.016MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming this is kind of important. Maybe not?

    Clock Widget - 0.00 - KEEP RUNNING
    I like the cool default clock with the spiffy weather animations.

    com.android.providers.appli... (actually, the name runs off the screen. And I can't figure out how to read the full name of the applicaiton - which seems a rather unpolished interface.) -0.00 MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    I have no idea what this is. It says com.android, that seems important. Is it?

    com.android.proders.user... (same as above)

    com.htc.dcs.service.stock (same as above)

    com.htc.provider.settings 0.004 MB (same as above - seriously, is this stuff actually needed?)

    com.htc.socialnetwork.prov 0.032MB (same as above. I DON"T use their social network app. Don't like it, and I only use facebook anyway. Can I nuke this?)

    com.smithmicro.DM - 0.852 MB - KEEP RUNNING??
    Who is SmithMicro? This is sucking up a lot of memory, and doesn't seem that official to me. But it's got com. in the front - sounds important...

    Contacts Storage - 1.53 MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    Contacts seem important. But if I force this closed, do my contacts go away? What does this actually do? 1.53MB seems like a lot.

    Customization Settings Prov... 0.124MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    Not sure what this does.

    Customization Setup - 0.012 MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    Seems integral to the interface. Is it?

    DCS Utility Component - 0.00MB - KEEP RUNNING
    What is this?

    Dialer - 0.012 MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Seems kind of important.

    Dialer Storage - 0.576MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Again, seems important. Though, not sure what this actually means. Is this the deal where it remembers numbers of missed calls and such?

    doubleTwist - 6.53 MB - KEEP RUNNING??
    I haven't even lauched it yet, and it's already running? And great Scott! 6.53 MB?? Music players are a thread until itself. I like double twist because it's better organized than the default player, and I really like the integrated Internet Radio. But seriously, 6.53MB??

    Download Manager - 0.012MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Seems important.

    DRM Protected Content Stor... - 0.016 MB. - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming this is needed, at least for Audible.com app.

    EPST - 0.544 MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Don't know what it is, I'm thinking about just killing it. Should I?

    Facebook for HTC Sence - 0.008MB - FORCE CLOSED
    I don't use Facebook for HTC sense, I just use the web page, because I like that interface better. So why is this even running? I dont' even have the FriendStream widget on my screen anywhere anymore.

    Flickr - 0.008MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Don't have a flickr account - don't use flickr. Question on this. I sometimes will take a photo, view it, select "upload to facebook" option. Do I need this and/or the above running in order to continue to do so?

    FM Radio - 0.00MB- FORCE CLOSED
    I don't use it, but do like having the option. But why is this running before I've even launched the app? I assume I can run this when I turn on the app?

    Footprints - 0.012MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Why is this running? I dont' use the app, or at least not knownly. I use the bejepers out of the GPS on my phone, but I don't use this app.

    FriendStream - 0.00MB - FORCE CLOSED
    why are you running??

    I like email. Email is good. But I don't juse the Gmail app, I just use the "mail" app. Do I need to keep this running?

    Google Partner Setup - 0.012MB KEEP RUNNING?
    What is this?

    Google Search - 0.360 MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    What is this? Do I really need it to be running upon reboot of my phone? Will the hourglass and Maps integral and other search functions not launch it and work automatically if it's not already running from the get-go?

    Google Services Framework - 1.2MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Seems important. Don't know if it actually is.

    HTC Checkin Service - 0.166MB - FORCE CLOSE??
    I dont' want to check in. Do I need to?

    HTC DM - 0.004MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    That doesn't seem very descript - but the icon has a picture of a gear in it - so maybe important?

    Don't know what this is. Seems questionable - is it useful?

    HTC Media Uploader - 0.008 MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    Do I need this running at all times in order to be able to upload pictures to Facebook /whatever?

    HTC Message Uploader - 0.008MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    I'm assuming I need this to send/recieved TEXT/SMS type messages? Is this something else actually and I can nuke it?

    HTC Sense - 2.68MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming I need this running so I can have my spiffy 6 screens of interface.

    HTC Weather sync provider - 0.008MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming I need this for my spiffy clock/weather app thing to get the latest updated weather for where I'm at.

    HTC Weather Wallpaper - 0.00MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming I need this for the spiffy graphics, like the raindrops, etc, when I take my phone out of sleep and look at the homescreen. A cheesy potential resource hog I'm sure, but I like it!

    HTC Widget Download Mana... - 0.008MB - FORCE CLOSE?
    What is this? Do I need to be downloading widgets all the time? So often I need a download manager? Or does this mean something other than a service for downloading widgets?

    Mail - 4.71MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Obviously. Though wow, 4.71MB. Not what I'd call really lean there.

    Maps - 10.76MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Love the app. Why is it running before a fresh reboot before I've even launched the app?? Oh, and please figure out a way to work offline - k'thanks.

    Market - 2.34MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Again, why is this running before I've launched it? I'm guessing so I can be informed of updates? I'll check manually thanks.

    Media Storage - 0.772MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm guessing this is important. Is it? Do I really need it running on a fresh boot before I've even done anything?

    Messages - 0.820MB - KEEP RUNNING

    Since I use DoubleTwist, does having this running in background serve any purpose? Or do I need this running all the time, because the 3rd party music apps require this one to be running too?

    MyTracks - 1.68MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Kind of gives me the willies that the GPS tracking application is automatically launched and running when I boot up...

    My Uploads - 0.192MB - FORCE CLOSED?
    Do I need this running for anything? Will it not autolauch if I do need it for anything?

    Not my gig.

    News - 0.008MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Never use it.

    Open Sense Plugin Manager - 0.020MB - KEEP RUNNING?
    What is it? Do I need it? It's got that gear thing in it's Icon...

    Peep - 0.020MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Don't even have an account (I barely qualify for my curmudgeon status as it is having a Facebook account...)

    People - 0.016MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming I need this for stuff.

    Qik - 1.14MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Well this was a disappointment. Since I'm the only person I know with an EVO, this app is useless to me. Let me know if they ever figure out a way to let me talk to my wife on her laptop using this thing. Or hell, if there's ANYTHING that let's my EVO talk to my wife on her laptop...

    Settings - 1.43MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Though what it's thinking about for 1.43 MB I have to wonder...

    Settings Storage - 0.040 MB - KEEP RUNNING
    What does that even mean? Wouldn't storing your settings selections be integral to the "Settings" thing running above? Who would want one without the other?

    Spring Football Live - 0.600MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Another disappointment. I thought it meant I could watch any Football game live. I found out I can watch basically 1 game - and not the one I want.

    Sprint Updater - 0.056MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm guessing this is important? This better not be that annoying Sprint update that randomly shows up in the top left corner of my screen once a week. It never actually goes to anything new or useful if it is, and I'm just going to force it closed if so.

    Sprint Zone - 0.336MB - FORCE CLOSED
    See above - hate this thing.

    SprintTV Widget - 0.012MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Turns out, I just don't use it. I've got a TV, and the selections on it are so limited so as to be nearly worthless IMHO. Wish I could just completely uninstall it and recover the space. Same with most of the "Sprint" labeled stuff.

    Stocks - 0.008MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Again, an app I can launch when I need it. Why are so many of these apps launched automatically?

    Touch Input - 0.076MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Pretty sure I need this for my EVO to even work!

    Updater - 0.008MB - KEEP RUNNING
    Seems important. Is it?

    Voice Dialer - 0.00MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I don't actually use it, but like to think someday I will.

    Voicemail - 1.74MB - KEEP RUNNING

    Weather Provider - 0.392MB - KEEP RUNNING
    I'm assuming this important, but I'm curious, what are the other HTC Weather related apps that are already running not doing that this one is also needed to be running too?

    WeatherBug Elite - 3.59MB - FORCE CLOSED
    Again, an app that will launch just fine when I select it, and need not be running and sucking up resources before that time IMHO.


  2. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2010
    Are you rooted? All of this stuff is going to load right back even after a force close I believe unless you are rooted and manually configuring exactly what you actually want loaded.
  3. blksith0

    blksith0 Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    Amazon mp3 seems to load all the time for no reason whatsoever. It's really annoying. And yeah, I don't use task killers either because i heard they weren't good on 2.2.
  4. Evo

    Evo Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2010
    I know you are going to get a lot of "just root" responses to your question, but rooted or not, I would love to know what some of the running services are also.
  5. jamesdean

    jamesdean Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2009
  6. jynx

    jynx Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2010
    Most of it will just go back on after you force close. I forced closed like everything and then when you go to the home screen it just restarts everything up. like people said it is "bloatware" you cant shut off on a stock phone.
  7. LazyEngineer

    LazyEngineer Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 19, 2010
    So I'm discovering. Well Damn, sounds like I may need to just Root afterall. I was hoping to avoid that.

  8. LazyEngineer

    LazyEngineer Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 19, 2010

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