Help Evo sending out texts on reboot?

Everytime I restart/turn on my EVO it sends out one random text to one random person that I have sent before. Anyone else?
I use to have that issue before if you use Handcent for your txt. i emailed the developer and it ended up being the undeliverable messages that were never sent. Once you reset the phone the undelivered txt get sent then.


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OK - as above, it may be your sms wasn't getting out - suggest you go Desktop -> Menu -> Settings -> System updates and update your profile and PRL - that should help ensure you're set up correctly.

If that fails - and you truly are sending duplicate messages then things are tangled and the how-to-fix-froyo link, also above, would be your next step so far as I know.


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Oh NO.

I can't believe this is happening on the Evo as well. This is THE reason I got rid of my Hero after only having it for a few months. It was the most embarrassing glitch. Except mine didn't send out one text to one person... it would send out 5 or 6 random texts to anywhere from 3-10 people. Five or six texts EACH.

It was awful. They were definitely NOT messages that had been undeliverable in my case. I tried everything. Hard reset, even. Updated everything. It still happened, so I had to get rid of the phone.

Does it by chance happen when you shut the phone off right after the messaging app force closes? Or does it happen when your phone reboots itself randomly? These are the times it would happen to me.


yay someone else is having this problem ... just happened to me and boy has it caused some grief but at least now i can show her its not just me its happening too :)
does anyone have a fix for this ?? im using desire with standard messaging ..