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Evo Shift Gingerbread Root/hboot downgrade

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crump, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: You can now downgrade your hboot and use the old froyo root method.

    Hboot information and downgrading - xda-developers

    The steps include

    1. Temp root using Fr3vo
    2. Exploit the hboot with the misc.img
    3. RUU back to froyo
    4. Root using the Froyo method

    EDIT: This method is primarily for 2.3.3.. If you are running 2.3.4 check this thread Root and downgrade for Android 2.3.4 {Script included - ShiftySonofA script dl added) - xda-developers

    Also here's a "how to" for rooting.. [VIDEO GUIDE] FULL S-OFF ROOT for Evo SHIFT. Froyo (2.2) + Gingerbread (2.3.3+2.3.4) - xda-developers *The method mentioned for 2.3.4 will void your warranty* I would suggest the above script..

    Good luck :D

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  2. trigunesq

    trigunesq Lurker

    hay i would have posted this in the xda fourm but it wont let me because i am a new user.

    i had success up till the bootloader. when my evo shift is temp rooted the bootloader doesnt work. if i try the vol down+pwr option nothing happens. it boots normally. if i try adb reboot recovery then it reboots with the error (explanation in triangle thing). then when my device reboots normally i loose temroot but i can boot in recovery. but when i go to fastboot>>>bootloader it says that it is loading the pg06img.zip but there is no image. can you help me out? if you could also get this in the xda downgrade thread that would be extreamly helpful too

    edit:scratch that! downgrade working. i have no clue why hboot failed but ruu worked like a charm!
  3. AlphaQ

    AlphaQ Newbie

    does anyone have the link for misc.img and PG06IMG? apparently scary's dropbox is getting too much traffic and is temporarily disabled.
  4. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    I'm going to sticky this.....
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  5. gobblenutz

    gobblenutz Lurker

    Agreed, can someone post a working link to the misc.img file, he already added a new link for the pg06IMG.
  6. AlphaQ

    AlphaQ Newbie

  7. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Check the thread again, there's been several mirrors posted. Downloads should be back up.
  8. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    I've been reading over n over how to downgrade And all to bad it's not n00b friendly lol wish there was a youtube vid I'd be able to confidently do it if I saw it done, quess sum of the terminology is like spanish to me lol where could I go to learn the basics? Till then I think I'm going to attempt to downgrade later today. Wish me luck!
  9. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Really just from reading it the hardest part is getting temp root. Once you have that it should be smooth sailing. After you get temp root just put the misc.img and the PG06100.zip on the Root of you sd, then just type the command Scary posted while in adb shell or in terminal emulator. Once you've done that boot into bootloader and it will automatically recognize the PG06100.zip and ask you if you want to update. That will downgrade your bootloader and allow you to follow the froyo root method. One thing to note, sometimes bootloader won't recognize the zip unless you sd card is formatted to fat32. So it may be a good idea to go ahead and reformat your card, just make sure you make a backup of your card on your pc cause formatting it will erase the cards contents.

    Btw, agrabren is working with the Shift to make it rootable through revolutionary.

    Android forums really needs to be compatible with Tapatalk!
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  10. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think the terminology discourages me even to try first off then after re reading several 100 times It starts to make since, sooooooo since I'm already temp rooted all I would need to do is move the misc.img and PG06100.zip file to my sd card? Then after that use the old root method?
  11. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Once you put them on the root of your sd card you'll need to follow this step

    Basically just run that cmd through adb shell or through the terminal emulator
    application. Then you'll boot into hboot and it should recognize the PG06100.zip (check my other post if it does not) that is the ruu which brings you back to froyo with the old bootloader... Then you ready to move on to rooting.

    PM me over at xda (crump84) if you have any other questions. I say over there because I get pm's pushed to my phone from the XDA App.
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  12. meshflesh

    meshflesh Newbie

    hi crump. Im having a problem. I already got the temp root out of the way. and i put misc.img and the PG06100.zip in the root of my sd. i went into app market and downloaded a program called "terminal emulator". I put in this code "
    dd if=/sdcard/misc.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 then i got the message:/dev/block/mmcblk017: cannot open for write: permission denied.

    is this normal?? what is supposed to happen?? how do i boot into boot loader?? Im so confused and lost. please help. thanks in advance!
  13. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I already answered your question over at xda... :D
  14. meshflesh

    meshflesh Newbie

    yea, just saw it. lol i was internet stalking you. thanks for the info man!!
  15. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    Ok I've done this before PLENTY of times with this method trust me crump knows lol. Any way I'm trying to down grade back to froyo using the method in this link Hboot information and downgrading - xda-developers Everything was ok till i figured out I had to format my sd card to fat32. So after I did that I placed fre3vo back to the root of my phone and continued to "temp" root the way I have before with the method Stuke00 has here: EVO Shift Temp Root for 2.3.3 and HBoot Downgrade - xda-developers
    All goes well like I remembered untill i get to the step where I put in the eight F's In the cmd window it says scanning region alot of times down the screen then it gives me the $ prompt where I proceed to: adb push Superuser3-beta1.apk /data/app/ Then it tells me adb permission denied. I re booted my phone and tried again resulting in the same outcome. Somebody PLEASE help me out. I'm so close yet so far I've got loads of help from crump but he instructed me that temp root is kinda a grey area so I'm reaching out here for additional help. Thanks in advance because I know somebody got my back
  16. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    I found out what I did wrong. I had fastboot disabled on my phone> After checked the box and Re did the commands thru the cmd I was good!
  17. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    So did you get permanent root?
  18. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan NO smh its beggining to tick me off a tad I go thru the process get stuck in stupid hboot no image or wrong image wth? Im bout to make a post in hope someone knows what "I'm" doin wrong..............excedrin plz lol
  19. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    I cant for the life of me figure this downgrading gb 2.3 back to froyo. I followed the steps in these two guides:EVO Shift Temp Root for 2.3.3 and HBoot Downgrade - xda-developers root) and Hboot information and downgrading - xda-developers (dwn grade n full root) everytime I get to the part after I enter:
    dd if=/sdcard/misc.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17

    I disable fast boot turn off my phone and go into Hboot. After I select hboot it just tells me NO IMAGE OR WRONG IMAGE....
    stressin me out smh. I then try the ruu tool and I get a error msg to check the usb did that PLENTY of times with no avail
    what gives?
  20. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

  21. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    I just moved this thread over here as it pertains to the downgrade for root.

    New threads are great, but I think your question is answered above.;)
  22. crump

    crump Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i know you formatted one of your sd cards to fat32, have you tried a different card. I know Scary mentioned that his 16gb card wasn't detected by hboot even after formatted. I think that's probably the issue as far as the PG06img.zip not being recognized.
  23. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

    Sorry just getting back, after I got off yesterday I gave my brain a rest. Today been busy at work so I havent tried another card i have another 2g card I can try. Probably will wait till sunday when the house is quiet for a cpl hours and I can get in my "zone" lol
  24. kaw12

    kaw12 Lurker

    hi guys,
    I would like to flash my evo 2.3.3 4g shift but i am not really sure if i can.
    I got hboot 0.98.001. So, I looked on revolutionary and they ask if the hboot is 2.15 or 2.16. So, do i need to upgrade hboot. I hope there is a perm root soon for noobs. thanks in advance.
  25. barberboy

    barberboy Well-Known Member

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