EVO Sync to hotmail quiestion

Hello, This is my first post.
I have an EVO, and I have 2 email accounts on the EVO.
My work MS Outlook email - syncs up just fine - works perfectly
My hotmail will not sync - I cannot select exchange when I try to set it up.
Does the EVO only support one exchange connection, and since I am using my work email to sync, does that stop me from syncing up my hotmail?

Hope this is the right place for this.

Thanks in advance.



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Personally, i stay away from the native email client on the phone. If you have success with it more power to you, but i use the K-9 app to handle my emails(except gmail) It works great with all types of pop3/imap address, hotmail included. Give it a shot, its in the market free.


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Yes, the EVO will only support one exchange connection at a time, if you use the native client. You can also connect to hotmail over POP3, just have it do autoconfig on your hotmail account.

I have my corporate email over exchange and my hotmail going over pop3/smtp.