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EVO-Voicemails not going to Visual Voicemail, no notification of voicemail.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lajanderson, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. lajanderson

    lajanderson Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After talking to several people and hearing them tell me that they called and left me a voicemail, I decided to call 1 on my phone and lo and behold, I had more than 40 missed voice messages. NONE of which I was notified or had in my visual voicemail. When all is said and done, I haven't received a visual voicemail or a notification of a voicemail since June 30! What is wrong with my phone and how can I fix it?


  2. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    Have you rooted by chance?
  3. RTan

    RTan Well-Known Member

    Re-activate your Visual Voicemail account. This will force the Voicemail client to send an activation message to the Server again. Once re-activated, all pending messages should be able to download again.

    - Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Voicemail/Clear data
    - This will wipe out your old Inbox messages but your filesystem will come clean

    Some suggested to use Visual Voicemail Compose screen and send it to the following address: activate@vvm.sprint.com

    Good Luck.
  4. Many thanks to RTan. The trick with sending a vmm to activate@vmm.sprint.com fixed the problem. I immediatly downlowed all my voicemail messages to vmm. Great hint.
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  5. Dicole

    Dicole Lurker

    I had the same problem and composing the message from VVM worked great. thanks:D
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  6. fan4HH

    fan4HH Newbie

    Lifesaver! sending the message to VVM worked for me too.
    Now why can't Sprint tech support give me a simple fix like this- after hours of working with them over the phone and trying everything short of a system reset (which was to be the next option)
    Thank you much!
  7. nvmy50

    nvmy50 Lurker

    God why do we have Sprint Advanced Tech when EVERY time you have an issue the FIRST response is to do a hard reset.:(

    Sending the message to VVM fixed my problem. :D
  8. S dot Anthony

    S dot Anthony Lurker

    I ported a number to sprint and the temporary number is what VVM is using to check voice mails which of course doesn't work, the display number shows my usable number but still no notifications. any advice on how to change that?
  9. S dot Anthony

    S dot Anthony Lurker

    Is your problem fixed?
  10. Roadracer247

    Roadracer247 Newbie

    I'm having this exact problem. How exactly do you send that message to "activate@vvm.sprint.com"

    It doesn't give me the option to pick that activation message.
  11. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    Open Visual Voicemail, press Menu, press Compose, put activate@vvm.sprint.com into the address field at the top. Record a one-second message, which will enable the Send button.

    Press Send
  12. ADF99

    ADF99 Lurker

    I had same problem. It started around new year's (jan 2011), which is the last time my phone got an android system update. It's funny b/c I went into my local sprint store this past weekend and -- lo and behold -- the sales guy there (also with HTC Evo phone) discovered, in hearing about my problem, that he had the same issue!

    I tried some of the fixes mentioned here, but it didn't work.

    However, I accidentally discovered that I had a second Voicemail icon on my phone - one that was apparently hidden on a secondary screen (I had to flick away from the home screen several pages to the right) that WAS still properly showing a "1" or "2" or "3" (or whatever number) in the icon when I would have voicemail messages waiting for me. So, I removed the non-function voicemail icon from the home screen and then moved this functioning one from the secondary screen to the home screen. Problem seemingly solved.
  13. MBM7881

    MBM7881 Well-Known Member

    have an epic and just had this happen to me for the first time and sending an voicemail message to activate@vvm.sprint.com worked great! thats why i love these forums. :D
  14. johndcatl

    johndcatl Lurker

    My activate@vvm.sprint.com message is sitting in my 'undeliverable' folder. What gives?

    I tried composing a message and that one is also undeliverable. I set up my voicemail and pin, but messages are undeliverable.

    Seems that vvm is unable to verify my account. Any thoughts on how to fix that or do I have to call Sprint.
  15. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

  16. Stacia2242

    Stacia2242 Newbie

    How did you enable the notifications feature? I remember something popping up asking if I wanted to disable notifications to my other apps, and I selected yes (thinking it was the messages app), and that is when I started having this problem. I'm thinking your solution may just be my solution too!

    Thank you!

    Nevermind... I figured it out! Thank you for your help!! This solved my problem.. FINALLY!
    I deleted the SMS app I had that asked me to disable all other notifications. I may try reinstalling it, but clicking no to disabling other notifications!
    Worked like a charm! Thank you!
  17. riead333

    riead333 Lurker

  18. pamzella

    pamzella Lurker

    Similar issue, followed by clearing the messages... then a constant notification of "voicemail pending".... I'd have to call in, put in password, no messages, but for a week could not get "voicemail pending 6:06pm" off the notifications. Spring help just did a remote reset, and it cleared today.
  19. roykurka

    roykurka Lurker

    i did send a message to the activation address and when i call the vvm, i get a busy signal. What do i do?
  20. Landman1560

    Landman1560 Lurker

    I think my issue is slightly different than the ones posted previously. I can't even try sending the message to reset VM as the app crashes during account verification. So I can't even get the menu in VM.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  21. j.j.martin

    j.j.martin Lurker

    I just got this EVO 4g about 2 months ago and realized I've never seen a vmail notification. Decided to call my message box from the speed dial vmail preset and found 28 messages. I've seen the missed call icon but never the vmail. Thing is my phone is rooted and flashed to Verizon. I don't think option 2 as posted above in this thread is going to work for me but will the email client in option 1 direct to my carrier or attempt to connect to Sprint? Any thought on this before I clear data and give it a shot? Thanks to everyone who posts on these forums. :)
  22. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson Lurker

    Thank you!!!!! Saved me a huge headache

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