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Evo Vs n1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Snow_Fox, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I was just wondering if anyone out there had any comparisons to nexus one.

    I do know the Evo is more feature rich than the nexus one and there is no comparing what the evo is capable of to the nexus one..

    However, I have read a few things saying that the n1 is slightly faster in terms of speed due to lack of htc sense.. Some say it is irrelevant and like the 'flavor' of the evo more.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it.

    The main reason why I am asking is because I got to play with an evo at work and absolutely loved the experience from the huge screen to the most comfortable phone keyboard I've ever used.. big enough to easily hit buttons in landscape without missing and such.. I can easily get use to a smaller keyboard on the n1..

    However, I am wondering if the n1 is going to be a little "snappier" than the Evo..

    Note: I am not trying to vouch in favor of either phone.. the evo has a better camra and capabilities the N1 is going to be the first updated with software.. so I am not looking for comparisons on those things.. more the user experience on each.

  2. nickoakdl

    nickoakdl Well-Known Member

    I've never played with a Nexus 1, but from what I understand the only reason it is "snappier" right now is because of Froyo 2.2, which the Evo will be getting in due time and should be able to utilize better.
  3. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    Froyo will bring a lot of speed improvements to the EVO.

    You can also turn off Sense on the EVO and speed it up a bit.
  4. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

    i'm sure the evo's screen is easier to view in sunlight, if you ever go out under the sun...
  5. mas90guru

    mas90guru Member

    I have a N1 and Froyo. It's plenty snappy. I don't notice any speed difference between the N1 and my Droid Incredible.

    The biggest plus that I can think of for the N1 is that it's not skinned so future OS upgrades should come faster.

    The biggest downside (two) to the N1: (a) The screen washes out in bright sun and (b) The touchscreen main menu icons are horribly misaligned to the point where you have to learn to touch slightly above the menu icons.

    I like the overall N1 a lot but would not recommend based on what I view are the two critical flaws noted above.
  6. ap3604

    ap3604 Android Enthusiast

    In addition to the phone features another huge draw for me is the contract I'm signing.

    With the Nexus One I'm paying T-mo $50/mo for voice and data month to month contract free and can stop paying whenever I want and sell my N1 unlocked on eBay for the next "Big Thing"

    With the EVO, as nice as the phone features are, your locked into a two year contract so if you lose your job and can't afford it, or if another better phone comes out in the next few months (aka Scorpion 1.5 Snapdragon) your sh*t outa luck.

    Two other pretty big drawbacks to me are:
    1. Evo users are paying $391 more than N1 users... No small chunk of change ($30/mo more X 24mo = $720 more total over the two year period MINUS the extra $329 you pay for an N1 up front)
    2. Who knows when the Evo will get 2.2 Froyo (or future updates)? Especially since it has to be tested for sense AND Sprint has to do their mandatory stripping of key features like FREE tethering. I'd much rather have a phone that isn't being hampered by the carrier just so they can try to squeeze more money out of me.

    Don't flame too bad Evo users :)

    Just trying to give the man both sides of the story (Since the Evo obv wins on phone features, yet the N1 wins on the contract side)
  7. swazedahustla

    swazedahustla Well-Known Member


    You are paying $50 a month for voice and data, but you FAIL to include how many minutes you are getting. Bottom liine, sprint customers are getting WAY more value in their plans than anything any other carrier can provide. Its been detailed over and over. Congrats on your plan because thats a nice price, but you are definately not getting all the extra incentives anyone on sprint is getting.
  8. ap3604

    ap3604 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry about the lack of plan details whoops:
    Even More Plus
    - 500 minutes + nights/weekends $29.99/mo
    - Unlimited data $20.00/no

    I was wondering if someone could elaborate on the extra value/incentives sprint gives its customers that swazedahustla was referring to. I really like EVO (who doesn't) but I'd have to justify the $80/mo contract with more value than paying $50/mo contract free.
  9. edog

    edog Newbie

    I have a Nexus One with Froyo and an HTC EVO 4G. Here are my quick comparisons:

    Nexus One:
    + A little more responsive thanks to Froyo
    + Trackball -- I kind of like it for moving my cursor and for game console emulators
    + I can use it in other countries, thanks to the use of GSM
    + Can get Android updates very quickly
    - My screen loses its calibration at least a couple of times a day, registering touches about an inch lower than my actual tap
    - Stock Android doesn't feel very polished or visually appealing to me (coming from a jailbroken iPhone 3gs)

    EVO 4G:
    + I like screen better, since I'm often in sunlight and like reading things on my phone
    + I'm glad HTC didn't match the Nexus One's pixel density, since the higher density made it a little more challenging to tap on smaller areas like the title bar of an article in NewsRob. The screen is still plenty crisp.
    + I like HTC Sense. It feels more polished visually and in terms of user interaction than stock Android.
    + Carrier-sanctioned wifi hotspot
    + In my area (San Francisco), Sprint's data coverage seems to be more reliable than T-Mobile or AT&T
    + The headphone jack seems way "cleaner" in terms of background hiss than the N1. I use low impedance, high quality in-ear headphones, and the quality of the EVO's headphone jack seems pretty good.
    - Battery life is a question mark at this point (I'm a little nervous about it given what I've seen so far but I'll give it a week before passing judgment)
    - Doesn't come with accessories, not even a simple and cheap wired headset with mic

    Overall, I'm loving the EVO 4G -- especially since it gets me away from AT&T and their subpar service (in San Francisco) and exorbitant pricing. :)
  10. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well I most certainly am not trying to bash either device..

    The Evo isn't even a choice for me..

    However, I have got to play with it.. so I do want an idea of how a nexus one works..

    From what I can read its not too shabby..

    I don't view either device as "inferior".. n1 is always gunna be ahead on software and the evo does have more features..

    Although I was unaware of the issues on the n1.. I've been reading around a while and never heard anyone say it was *that* misaligned.
  11. I have read numerous posts that the N1's buttons at the bottom were often unresponsive and saw it myself on youtube.
  12. eric0668

    eric0668 Well-Known Member

    -Snowfox, I agree, I have never heard of anything being misaligned. I do agree with grindstoneslave, I have heard of the bottom buttons being unresponsive. I had an N1 for two days and had to send back, and "believe" I have every intention of getting again, but I would say that problem existed in the most minimal of ways. And when you learned where on the icon to touch, it was a non-issue

    -ap3604, good to see you over here. I believe you helped me in the Nexus Forum. So, while you say you get great minutes and Data for a good price, yet it was questioned what you get in addition to that... I am not sure exactly what COULD be gotten other than a lot of data and minutes for a great price. From Tmo, I pay $49 for unlimited minutes and $35 for unlimited data,text,email, web etc... so I pay $85 and get a 15% college discount off my data. So Tmo does better than anyone for price on MOST plans. I wont say all. They have been known for that and also for having excellent customer service

    -I am no closer to deciding what phone to get when my refund comes in tho. I have discussed it in the other forums, but until Google sends the refund back I will continue to fret - - Especially now that the iPhone 4 was announced today

    for me it is between: For me it is still between the Nexus One (N1), which is in the lead, then the EVO 4G, and then the iPhone 4, and coming up the rear is the Droid Incredible, which is all but out of the race because Verizon is $35 more than T-Mobile
  13. ap3604

    ap3604 Android Enthusiast

    Glad to see you here as well Eric. Your a good man =]

    T-Mobile offers the best pricing, options, & customer service imo. T-Mobile is the main reason I bought the Nexus One in the first place since you can buy it unlocked, get a no contract Even More Plus plan for $50/mo for 500 min + Data, and if another badass phone comes out in the future that you MUST have its easy to sell you N1 on Craigslist/eBay to get the next best thing. With the Even More Plus plan giving you data you can easily use Google Voice to send free text messages. So not only are you saving $360 every 12 months over the EVO's $80/mo plan, you can also have it contract free and wait for the next best thing in 6 mo (aka Scorpion) :)
  14. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Android Enthusiast

    I have both and now that my EVO is fully twerked, I feel like I like the EVO better. But I still play with my Nexus One (I use it for app testing). I like them both but the screen is WAY better on the EVO. Otherwise, there's not too much difference (Sense is different obviously). I installed 2.2 Froyo on my Nexus One, but it lags when I reboot it for a few mins. Otherwise, it has the feature it claimed (e.g. wifi hotspot) but it's only a 2G phone so it now lives on WiFi and doesn't get service anymore.. :)

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