Root Evo wi max cynagen 7 toast


I am ready to flash my first ROM. A friend recommended Cynagen7. I have a few questions before I take this next plunge. I have an EVO :

1-Performing the Nandroid backup will preserve my 4g keys if I decide to go back to stock root?

2-Is Fresh kernel 2.6.34 good and cause not too much battery drain? If not is there any other kernel I could use? Does Snap 7.5 have 4g? My main purpose for rooting is to get batter battery life. Before rooting could only get 2hours on the web before the battery dies. I removed some stock programs and have setcpu (paid) and juice defender (free) and have noticed some change but nothing dramatic. I seem to be spinning in my wheels with eh battery issue. The best solutions I see when people ask about best rom and kernel for battery use extension is just try and see.

Any thoughts on the gingerbread version? gingerbread-evo-deck [1.0][2.3.3 Stable][1.2g][2.3.4 Beta]

3-I am still a little unclear about getting my apps back. I was told that after flashing download Titanium again and my apps would appear on the program and I could restore them. I am using the free version. I have a few paid apps. They the pay version will be restored? I only want the current version of my apps the restore won't check for upgrades right?

Thanks in advance