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Evo won't charge or turn on

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by conor.in, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. conor.in

    conor.in Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: My phone now works normally. It finally acknowledges cables and charges again. Still no idea what the issue was.

    My Evo will no longer recognize a charger or turn on. Without being plugged into the wall, the power button does nothing. Even when it is plugged in, it will turn on, flash the white "HTC EVO 4G" screen for about half a second, and then turn off. When plugged in the notification light does not come on.

    I've tried charging using any combination of the following cables and USB wall chargers, and at different outlets, and nothing has worked.

    - Apple iPod wall charger
    - HTC OEM wall charger
    - Palm Pre OEM wall charger

    - HTC OEM USB cable
    - Palm OEM USB Cable
    - Aftermarket USB Cable

    The only real idea I have to what's going on is that the charging port somehow got broken, but that seems strange to me because it worked when I woke up, allowing me to send a few texts. I left my room for a few hours, and when I came back the Evo was dead.

    Any ideas as to what's wrong?

    I've tried to be through, but if you need more information I'd be happy to try and give it to you.

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  2. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    If the phone just died, and won't charge, it's probably the battery (ok, it's *hopefully* the battery), but probably not the charging port. If it were, I don't see why the phone would have just died. Your best bet is to bring the phone in to Sprint, and they can test it with a different battery.
  3. regoscar

    regoscar Lurker

    My phone did the same thing today.

    I was charging the phone, as it was at less than 10% battery life... while it was charging I was checking out a Youtube video when the phone just died. I didn't think anything of it at the time - I just let it sit plugged in. Came back about 30 minutes later and noticed that the charging indicator light wasn't on. Now I can't turn the phone on or charge it.

    Were you able to resolve your issue?


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  4. Slice615

    Slice615 Lurker

    Same exact thing happened to me, it was at about 5% battery, except for me i saw a message, and all i saw was 'battery' in the message, then i got a text, i tried to close it but my battery died. Won't turn on, dosen't charge either, no notification.

    I really wish i saw what that message said, it was pretty long too.
  5. kfemeyer

    kfemeyer Lurker

    Same thing here. I have had my evo exactly a month to date and today I was babysitting and I knew my phone had a low battery but I was trying to reply to a text really quick before I had to turn it off. Of course, it turned itself off right as I was finishing. I figured I'd just plug it in when I was done on the job so I didn't think much of it, just put it away. I plugged it into my car charger when I was done and nothin happened. No charging light, no turn on, nada. I tried to remove the battery and that didn't work either. When I got home I plugged it into my HTC wall charger and that didn't work. I tried removing the battery again, nothing. I waited a little while and tried again and the white screen flashed for a second then blackness. I have no idea what is happening but I'm pissed. Like I said, I've only had the thing for a month and the whole time its had an otterbox on it and nothing has spilled on it or anything. I bought this phone mainly because its supposed to be the best phone on the market, yet it won't even turm on. If anyone can give me some pointers on what I can do personally it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Slice615

    Slice615 Lurker

    Ok, my phone just seemed to randomly start working again.. I left the battery out for a long time, about 12 hours and i hooked the Usb up to my computer, and yeah its on right now working, idk what all of that was about.
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  7. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    Probably a low-battery issue. The battery shuts itself down to prevent full discharge (totally makes battery useless and un-rechargeable). Leave it out overnight, then recharge in phone with phone turned off until green light returns. It should show the orange light for charging and green when finished as normal.

    From what I've seen of this type of issue, it's almost always battery power-related, not the phone or OS.
  8. jquaintance

    jquaintance Lurker

    My EVO issue is similar in that it won't charge from anywhere except the USB from my computer. I have tried 3 wall chargers, including the USB wall adapter that came with the phone, to no avail. The phone wouldn't power up at all. This morning I plugged it into my laptop and it went from 0 charge to 100% in about 5 minutes and is now working except for the wall charge issue. Pretty frustrating.
  9. Idiotfool

    Idiotfool Lurker

    This just happened to me, too. I took it to the sprint store and they swapped batteries for me and it turned back on like there was no problem. The girl told me that there's a chance that Super Task Killer was responsible for the battery issues so I wanted to check and see if others suffering from this were using task killer, as well, or had ever installed it.
  10. sweedzel

    sweedzel Lurker

    My Evo just quit. It won't charge and no lights come on indicating that the phone is charging. I tried the boot(volume down and power button) to no avail. I realize that the phone was nearly totally discharged and it was rather warm this morning. Seems like the other problems that are in this thread.
  11. michelleleigh

    michelleleigh Lurker

    That is exactly what just happened to mine. Phone died, didn't think anything of it, and now it shows me a very faint red/orange light for 2-3 seconds and then nothing. won't turn on, anything! I need it to turn on like now! I have to call the babysitter for my son!
  12. michelleleigh

    michelleleigh Lurker

    Same thing happened to mine and I have never used any kind of Task Killer.
  13. quanta

    quanta Lurker

    This is the second time that this has happened to me in 3 months. The batteries are useless. The fisrt time, I took it to the Sprint store and they were able to charge it (an hour) and now its happened again; will not charge or turn on. I do not want to sit at the Sprint store for another hour.
  14. Hewmunga

    Hewmunga Lurker

    im actually quiet relieved that its just the battery. i was worried for a second i thought it might have been the charging port on the phone itself i even started taking it apart to look at it. Its not like i would've know how to fix it anyway. the only reason i opened it up was because its not like i can take the phone to sprint the phone is flashed and im with cricket. so again i was just relieved to find out that this is a known issue and hopefully this new battery will do the trick. it makes sense though because i wasnt updating the phone or anything just reading some text so im sure it'll work but im gonna be phoneless for about a week so that sucks
  15. MerpsMom

    MerpsMom Member

    I really shouldn't be commenting here, but isn't letting your battery get that low similar to gastank roulette? When I owned a Honda, I was warned that I should never let the tank run dry, it would damage all kinds of things. (Was that really true??)

    But then I'm a Nervous Nell with the gastank, so my phone batt is never allowed to get below 45%. :D
  16. Hewmunga

    Hewmunga Lurker

    its really hard to stay on top of your battery at all times. the battery life on these things are ridiculous one second they will be at 50% then a facebook status update and text later the battery has gone down 10%. k i know thats an exaggeration but thats what it feels like.
  17. Bump charging, using batteries off eBay, and using cheap chargers cause this problem.
  18. Karltwo

    Karltwo Lurker

    And, I want to emphasize that 1) I was not messing with anything, 2) I used the exact charger that came with the phone. So, let's not get carried away with the tendency to blame any and all problems on someone downloading something bad or using a cheap charger.
    That said, it could be the chargers fault. I had been charging my phone on borrowed chargers for several months, and the battery life was great. Even when I let the battery discharge to the point of the phone turning off to save data. Then, I went back to using the original charger and immediately, the battery on the phone was exceedingly hot when I removed the phone and the battery life was cut roughly in half. The next time I tried to use that same charger (phone was at maybe 20%, but that was almost dead at that point due to the decreased battery life), I left it overnight only to find it with no battery life the next morning. Hasn't consistently charged yet. I can get the blinking orange light for 5-10 seconds, max, and then all's dead. This is both from the original charger that came with the phone and via USB via my computer.
    I don't expect a fix, it's probably a dead battery due to the terrible charger Sprint gave me, I'm just giving some support to the idea that this can be, and likely is at least sometimes, a Sprint hardware problem and not simply Evo owners being stupid and cheap as some people like to imply.
  19. michellestook

    michellestook Lurker

    its not showing that it is charging. (the battery is not moving while plugged in.) it has the orange light. sometimes when i text its shuting off and when i try to turn it back on it wont turn on. it just started happening today, (july 7, 2011 @ 12:30pm) i had it plugged into the computer in my class and it had died @ 11:50 today. i really nee dto figure out whats going on. i ride city buses in the worst parts of town, i need my phone !!!!!

  20. Fremen93

    Fremen93 Newbie

    This is very similar to my situation.
    I have two HTC Evo's, one is for my wife and one is mine.

    My wife's died on her a few weeks ago. I looked at it and tried swapping the batteries with hers and mine to see if that was the problem. It was, so I thought it was just a defective battery.
    I bought a replacement battery on ebay, and sure enough that one did the same thing a week later.
    We'll leave it plugged in at 50% and a few hours later its actually down to 20% left when it should have been charging the whole time.

    I took it to the sprint store and they said it would be $35 to fix it since I don't have handset insurance.
    seems like a bad deal because all they did to "fix" it was replace the battery again....
  21. TECHSN?

    TECHSN? Lurker

    Hello, After reading many similar posts I am somewhat disappointed in the response or I should say "lack of" I have a Sprint Evo 4G, to simplify, it will not power on what so ever. I plug it up and it looks as if it is charging. (The charge indicator light is on) however, it is not actually charging at all. I know this because I also have an extended battery that I purchased as a result of the Evo's great battery life, and once it ran down it will now not recharge as well. I took my phone to a Sprint store and as always their fix all solution of a hard reset did not work. (It never has for any of my issues) I am going back today and will return to the Sprint Store today. I will post a detailed post of this problem's outcome today.
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  22. 321parks

    321parks Lurker

  23. llipromodrew

    llipromodrew Lurker

    So I just got off of the chat page with sprint and they told me I can either send in my phone to get it repaired or I can call Asurion and get a new phone or I can go to a sprint store and see if they can fix it.
  24. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Newbie

    There is something goofy with these EVO's. I bought one for my wife and one for me back in April. Worked fine until about a month ago. My wife has gone thru 3 batteries in 3 weeks. They keep saying it is the battery. So this morning I plug her phone in and nothing. no orange light... no blinking orange light nothing... So I take the battery out of her phone and put it in my phone and poof it lights up and starts charging. Then I take my battery and put it in hers... it starts charging with no problem.. I don't know what controls the charging of the battery but it seems something isn't right with it.

    On top of that sometimes it starts out charging when we go to bed and when I get up one of the phones has a green light and the other is off and won't turn on. switch the batteries plug in the charger and poof it charges up and starts. It's like one stops charging in the middle of the night for no reason and the phone drains dead by morning.
  25. paula3boys

    paula3boys Lurker

    This is what happened to mine last night. I put it on the charger like any other time and then when I woke up, there was no light indicating anything and I couldn't power it on. I took it off the charger, took the battery out for a few minutes, put it back in and then put it back on the charger. The light flashed for a few minutes and then went solid (orange/red) and charged up for a couple hours till it was green.

    I have had my phone 14 months and this is the first battery issue I have had. I don't know if I should buy a new OEM battery or what.

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