Help EVO won't stay connected to wifi

This is my first problem with my EVO, so I'm not sure if it's been addressed. When I enable wifi I see:

- "Obtaining address..."
- "Remembered, secured with WEP"

Then repeats this process over and over, and the phone heats up quite a bit.

I installed the most recent update, and am waiting for Froyo. Is this something that's been solved with 2.2, or is it another issue?



The PearlyMon
This is a new one on me.

Wifi Analyzer, free from the Market - various screens present if you sweep left or right.

You're looking for the screen that shows an x-y graph of Signal Strength vs. Channels - first step is to ensure you don't have another router with a channel channel conflict with yours.

If that's ok, goto your wifi settings, tap your net name and Forget it - then try setting it back up again.

Kindly report results back here.