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EVO's Hidden "Privacy" Setting!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gekko, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    did you guys know about this? apparently on Gingerbread EVOs the setting is now hidden. here's how to find it -

    if you want your unpaid apps to reinstall after the update you have to make sure the phone is setup to backup your data to google.

    go to settings and hit the search button and search for privacy, click the only entry and check the box for backing up your data.

    (thanks Brandito!)

  2. BamaInArk

    BamaInArk Member

    Wasn't "Privacy" on the "Settings" menu in the previous software?
  3. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    I wonder why thats hidden.
  4. lornaevo

    lornaevo Well-Known Member

    Thanks that's a good tip.
  5. freeop

    freeop Member

    Wow thanks for pointing this out. Just tired the search and found that little Gem...
  6. Is this for non-rooted phones only?
    I did what it says in the post and it was already checked/set to backup...
    ...but my phone is rooted, maybe that's why.
    Still a good tip!


    No In fact it is not, I't may be your os version, I can currently do it with 2.3.5.
    If it doesn't show up if you have the same os version, try To see if there is any updates available.


    Thanks for the information, I had no idea about that hidden privacy thing.
  9. kct1975

    kct1975 Android Expert

    Wow...I did not even know that setting was there.

    I just enabled both the App Backup and the Setting Backup!

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