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EVP Delivery Dates

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thlayli, May 28, 2010.

  1. thlayli

    thlayli Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since we're a week away from launch, I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who ordered via EVP (Employee Value Program) to report when we receive our phones.

    When you get your EVO or get a tracking number, share it with the forum. Don't forget to mention your location.

    I'm really hoping we get our phones before Friday. :)

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  2. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Sounds like a good idea.

  3. travisr528

    travisr528 Android Enthusiast

    Just got this letter from my EVP Rep

    Hi Everyone!!

    I wanted to send out a quick email to say
  4. rzenger

    rzenger Well-Known Member

    Best Buy just called me to schedule my pick up time for my pre order that I cancelled because I ordered from evp thinking I would get it faster, I sure hope I didn't make a bad decision and they'll be getting those out soon!!! :thinking:
  5. thlayli

    thlayli Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have an identical email. Apparently, Andrew is the man. :D
  6. travisr528

    travisr528 Android Enthusiast

    I think so, too bad he is on vacation.
  7. stroths

    stroths Well-Known Member

    I am not ordering through EVP, but I am familiar with Andrew. I have ordered other phones through him in the past through my company's EVP. Great guy.
  8. SB22

    SB22 Member

    I got the same email from Andrew as well.

    What shipping method did everyone choose? I chose the basic free shipping and am starting to regret that decisions. I just hope it get's here by the 4th, or else that weekend is going to kill me not being able to play with the EVO's.

    Good luck to every in getting the devices ontime/early! :)
  9. ValerieHeyHey

    ValerieHeyHey Newbie

    I just wish I'd hear something other than my original confirmation email. I can't help but wonder if it'll just show up at my door one of these days :eek:
  10. d33170

    d33170 Newbie

    For my gf's evo, I called and changed my shipping method from basic to overnight delivery (extra $12) just in case they get the Evos the night before.
  11. nuprotocol

    nuprotocol Well-Known Member

    I'm also working with Andrew and ordered 3 Evo's. He did an awesome job on setting me up on a family plan and getting everything taken care of. He deserves a vacation! lol

    Got the same email as well.
  12. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    I'm glad most of you did it through EVP as well. It's nice to see these posts because I've never gone through EVP so I'm really hoping we get it early. Just think how nice it is getting it delivered instead of dealing with a crowd of folks in BB, RS, or the Sprint store.

  13. nuprotocol

    nuprotocol Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, and EVP has a pretty good history of usually shipping early. lol
  14. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    That's good to know considering I paid for overnight shipping! So what do you guys think? Weds? Thursday? :D:D:D
  15. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    were all yoru eVP orders renewals or new lines? did anyone buy the phone out of contract and if so at what price? I'm still 9 months into my Sprint contract so i'll have to buy it without the new line discount :/
  16. nuprotocol

    nuprotocol Well-Known Member

    I got 3 Evo's. 2 renewals and one out of contract. Two of em at $299 each with $100 MIR each, and one at $449.
  17. jamesrick80

    jamesrick80 Newbie

    I pre-ordered from EVP yesterday afternoon, changed plans, and added a new line. The rep stated that my phone will ship early next week and that I would receive a email confirmation as soon as its shipped. She sent me a confirmation email also with a confirmation and receipt document attached to it so at least I have official documents to verify my order. The document had my plan change and the pre-ordered phone. Hopefully, I get my phone before 6/4.
  18. aquaduck04

    aquaduck04 Newbie

    I selected overnight shipping for $12. I forget where Andrew said they ship from...KY maybe??...anyway, it didn't seem like the phone would reach VA in 1 day had I selected free standard shipping.

    For anyone with concerns, I'm sure it's not too late to contact them and adjust your shipping method.
  19. thlayli

    thlayli Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm getting two phones with a new contract and paid for overnight on both. I just wish I had them for this weekend. We're going to all kinds of events and I'm stuck with my old BlackBerry. :(
  20. SB22

    SB22 Member

    Just sent an email requesting them to add overnight shipping to the 2 EVO's I ordered. I assume they won't get the email until Tuesday, but hopefully that's enough time to change it.
  21. salmor777

    salmor777 Lurker

    I also got the same email from Andrew.
  22. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    I haven't gotten and email from my rep Brian yet past my confirmation one. I am a premiere so I gety free shipping but I didn't state what I wanted I don't think. I remember him saying I should have it by Saturday but that is when I realized the warehouse is here in Kentucky where I live. Me and my friend are thinking maybe will get it Wednesday. I hope so! Don't expect to hear anything from my rep now since it's the weekend and Monday is the holiday. So maybe I'll hear about it on Tuesday.
  23. ValerieHeyHey

    ValerieHeyHey Newbie

    Well....I was hoping that by some small miracle, I'd have an email by now with my tracking number.....But.....No such luck :(
  24. nuprotocol

    nuprotocol Well-Known Member

    hahahha same here! Theres still hope. We could get an email that it'll ship today. Hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Route66

    Route66 Newbie

    You'd think Sprint would release the inventory into the system today, so all BB/RS get them Tomorrow or Thursday so they have time to get their store inventory/pre-orders ready for Friday...

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