Exceptions to "profiles"

G35 Mass

One thing I loved about my BlackBerry was the ability to set an "exception" to a profile.

Regardless of what your profile was set to do, the "exception" would take precedence. Regardless of ringer settings, vibrate, etc.. I had this set so that a few specific numbers would always ring when calling my phone. Basically, even if I set the profile to "silent", if one of these numbers called it would still audibly ring.

Anyone know any ways of doing this? I've played around with combindations of different applications including Local, Quick Profiles and Ear and haven't come up with anything yet.




I have the same problem: normally i need all sounds (emails, sms, etc). when i sleep, idont need these sounds and vibrations BUT i want my family to be able to reach me all day/night.

did u find any solution??

on my old nokias it was just a simple profile (night) and it work easily...

thx asza