Help Excessive data usage?

I'm new to this forum. I couldn't find a topic that answers my question, and I don't know how to start a new thread, so I'm asking my question here.

I have a new LG G2, with Verizon and it's a data hog. With the same usage on other phones, I never exceeded 1GB per month with an average usage of 400 MB per month. In 7 days with the LG G2, I've used almost 1GB.

I added My Data Manager App to show usage. The culprit appears to be my two yahoo email accounts, this past weekend. I did sync the email accounts. Apparantly syncing is not the same as updating. If this is the case would turning off sync function solve this issue? Thanks.


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I moved your post into its own thread here so that more eyeballs will see it;)

Maybe I'm a little tired but are both Yahoo accounts synced with each other, or both are syncing to your device, independent of each other.
Syncing, updating....I would think are the same thing as far as how your phone syncs with the email accounts.