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Exchange ActiveSync Bugs? EVO 4G

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by NATEDROID310, Aug 29, 2011.


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    I have had my EVO for the better part of the last year and just recently have decided to switch over from POP to 'Exchange ActiveSync'.

    I'm running into a few hurdles with the use of EAS, which I prefer due to its practicality and seemingly live exchange with my email server(s).

    1st hurdle: My EVO (on Gingerbread I believe) only seems to be able to run one email account in EAS at a time, while the rest must be POP. This may be able to be bypassed some how and I have not yet discovered it. Also, it is strange that all POP accounts can have custom titles for your widget display, but the EAS does not have the option and simply reads 'Exchange ActiveSync' in the widget display. Any advise on this hurtle would be much appreciated.

    2nd hurdle: Ever since I began the use of EAS, other applications do not connect to their respective servers properly. Facebook fails to load content, and Pandora just idles on its welcome screen. When I delete my active EAS email account, all other applications resume normal activity, and when I reinstate any email account in EAS the programs begin to falter again. I have never experienced this issue with the less practical POP integration. Also, somewhere between adding and removing an email account in EAS, my security preferences are automatically changed to lock my screen every time it goes black. If this is a bug that needs to be reported, I am happy to write to Android/Google about it. If this issue just needs some settings to be tweaked I am all ears and appreciate any tips, same as the 1st hurdle!


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  2. alostpacket

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    Welcome to AF :)

    You may try to ask some of your questions here:
    HTC EVO 4G - Android Forums

    As for the lock screen I think part of the "agreement" that devices make with a server that runs EAS is that EAS has some security control over the phone/device. For example, EAS can wipe all emails from the account if an employee was fired....

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