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Exchange E-Mail Eating Up Battery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. kevinyue

    kevinyue Lurker

    Solved (for now *knock on wood*)
    I deleted all my email accounts, cleared my cache, then added the emails accounts again.
    so far seems to be back to normal

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  2. GalaxyN

    GalaxyN Newbie

    I deleted my corporate account about a week and a half ago and all was good until a couple days ago and the issue started again. For me, it is definitely calendar related as the problem re-started when I received an update to a calendar entry that I had deleted from my calendar. The "update" was of the type that should have automatically updated the calendar entry without any action on my part. As soon as it came in, my problem with Exchange Services was back. Turning off the calendar sync did not good, problem remained.

    I've deleted the account and readded a second time and all is well again. I would say this is definitely calendar "related" but not directly caused by the calendar. I've seen on other forums that K9 and other email programs have the same problem so I suspect it is something with a background Exchange service that is part of the O/S and accessed by the various E-mail apps. Even if you don't sync your calendar directly, Exchange is still dealing with update messages, etc. as they are an inherent part of the system.

    I've used the "report" option for the Exchange services app each time I have seen this happen and hope that all here will do the same to raise the awareness of this problem to Google.
  3. anshumandash

    anshumandash Lurker

    I found that every now and then the exchange emails get deleted from the device and the last email would be about 15 days old and then the sync will start again to get all emails. I have last 30 days mail in the setting. This sync of last 30 days happen almost every 30 mins or 1 hour. I think this might be the cause of high battery drain by Exchange configuration.

    Has any body else seen something like this?
  4. macprv

    macprv Android Enthusiast

    I had the same problem... it got so bad that on the third day of battery drainage (due to exchange) the device went in to a reboot loop :mad:... it would reboot, load up and after a few seconds it would reboot again... thankfully a factory reset fixed everything :eek:
  5. jova33

    jova33 Android Expert

    Edit: wrong thread
  6. moe1998

    moe1998 Lurker

    Hmm, my exchange services are completely different. My levels are 50%.
  7. Gatrnol

    Gatrnol Lurker

    I did the same, and now no problems --- aside from the back cover on my Galaxy Nexus having issues (which have also been resolved thanks to other boards)!
  8. GuiltyHands

    GuiltyHands Lurker

    Hey guys, so I don't have the Galaxy Nexus (running custom ROM on a GSII) but I was having the exact same issue after I started syncing. Three things that I have discovered:

    1. Easiest fix: I like this because it's simple. Use Juice Defender (I think you might need ultimate to do this, but it costs virtually nothing) to force your sync schedule. I set mine so that all syncs are only allowed once every 15 min for 15 seconds during the day. I added an exception so that if any program besides exchange is still downloading at the end of the sync it will stay active. You will need to turn juice defender into custom mode to get to these options, at which time they will be under the scheduling tab. A great side effect to this is that your battery life will probably go up compared to before exchange (mine did) and there's lots of other cool stuff in Juice Defender.

    2. Peak times: The "peak times" on many android phones running ICS is reported to not work properly and default to push, regardless of the setting. If you want to try this fix just de-select all the peak days so that everything is non-peak.

    3. Excessive data: It was mentioned several times earlier that open calender events can cause your phone to wake-lock constantly. I also found that this is also caused when you sync a large number of contacts (80k, it was syncing my corporate directory). Both of these scenarios create a kind of loop and keep your data connection active and cause a partial wake lock.
  9. tithefug

    tithefug Newbie

  10. GalaxyN

    GalaxyN Newbie

    I've finally figured out what is causing my random issues with Exchange and wanted to share here as I know others are trying to sort out the problem.

    Most of the time my battery life is great but every once in awhile Exchange goes nuts and eats battery like crazy. I have alot of open ended meetings in my calendar that I do not control and most of the time I am fine so I started paying attention to my Email invites and realized that the issue is caused when I receive a Cancel notice for a meeting that I have Declined. When this happens, the Nexus seems to go into a loop of trying to remove the declined entry and it tries to sync almost continuously. It does not matter whether I hit "remove from calendar" or not in my Outlook client, the same thing happens.

    The only way out of the loop is to delete my mail account and re-add it to my Nexus and all will be well until the next time I have a cancelled meeting that's already declined and then it starts all over again.
  11. Trev44

    Trev44 Lurker

    It's happened me twice in 6 months but strangely both times I was roaming :smokingsomb:. Will this be fixed in JB?
  12. tithefug

    tithefug Newbie

    I have been running Jelly Bean since Google IO Day 2. I have not seen any battery issues relating to Exchange or the EMail app. That being said, this may/may not still be an issue. It needs to be more widely available to be sure.
  13. spanout

    spanout Lurker

    I have an S3 and started getting the same problem at the same time as connection to office 365 starting to fail (another post in the forum). I had to kill exchnage service and put the sync on manual. Then I was suprised to see some email come through without me syncing. Something is wrong with this thing
  14. Trev44

    Trev44 Lurker

    I've noticed that it sneaks the occasional sync in, when set to manual.
  15. ragnor

    ragnor Lurker

    Something is wrong with this.

    I had the JB update, and since then Exchange is consuming my battery.

    I don't think that this is a calendar sync issue, because I'm only syncing my mail.

    Now I'm trying to delete my account, and I will see.

    I also notice that sometimes the battery is heat, even when I'm not using it.

    By the way: what kind of e-mail are you using? I'm using hotmail. Could be a problem with hotmail servers, rather than problem with my mobile? Maybe it can't connect with server and has to try again, and again, and again.
  16. anshumandash

    anshumandash Lurker

    I used to have the exchange issue after GB to ICS upgrade and you got it after JB upgrade. I think this is due to a corrupted upgrade. I got the issue resolved by doing a factory reset and flashing the ICS factory images from Google. You can try that. The factory images for JB are already available.
  17. teancum144

    teancum144 Lurker

  18. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    in settings set the Mail App to only sync Exchange Mail that is 30 days old or less. on some phones i think the default setting is 14 days.
  19. Trev44

    Trev44 Lurker

    thanks.. ill give this a go but i wont get to test it until i'm out of the country as i only experience the problem when roaming.

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