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Exchange email app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dirtybird1139, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. dirtybird1139

    dirtybird1139 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    What are y'all using for email apps that support Exchange 2010?

    Looking for some recommendations as work updated to Exchange 2010 and stock email no longer works....

    Thanks ahead, I have heard/used -
    1. Touchdown
    2. K9

    Any feedback appreciated.;)

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  2. taxiron1

    taxiron1 Well-Known Member

    Moxier Mail worked best for me. Touchdown worked for awhile, then became very buggy on Exchange Server 2010.
  3. skraggy

    skraggy Newbie

    I use stock app with exchange 2010 with no problems. I also use touchdown with 2010 and it works fine. The reason for touchdown is it's a client account and I don't want them to be able to wipe my whole phone.
  4. kcau

    kcau Newbie

    I just use the default "Corporate" .... works fine. Once, on a different phone it had stopped for me .... i deleted the account, rebooted phone, then created a new exchange acct with the same info ... that fixed it.

  5. shelland

    shelland Well-Known Member

    I don't use it a whole lot, but I got Enhanced Email as the Amazon App of the Day a while back and like it.
  6. MushroomStamp

    MushroomStamp Newbie

    I just use the Stock Motorola Exchange Client. I haven't found anything better. I've tried all that were mentioned above, but those are really for phones that are PRE ICS.
  7. farfromuman

    farfromuman Newbie

    I use EE, mainly because i have multiple exchange accounts. You can also pick different colors for the led and bypass policy. Not sure if stock app can do all this, i have not used it since GB, it stays frozen.
  8. MushroomStamp

    MushroomStamp Newbie

    Native app supports multiple exchange. I used to use EE, but it hasnt been needed since ICS. Also, us use LightFlow for LED needs. e
  9. rjglenn

    rjglenn Android Enthusiast

    I use Enhanced Email because it allows me to ignore my employers PIN lock security rule.
  10. shelland

    shelland Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention that part. :)
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I have tried them all I believe. Thus far Touchdown has been the best for me. Never had a glitch, syncs everything spot on. Was tough shelling out $20 for an app though.
  12. andy88488

    andy88488 Well-Known Member

    I had no problems with the stock Email app and Exchange 2010. I switched to Touchdown because I wanted Task sync with Exchange/Outlook, and that was the only way to get it.

    Touchdown has been very good. Excellent support.

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