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Exchange for Android 2.0 / 2.1: ESSENTIAL for Exchange Use

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by daragh, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Nov 14, 2008

    Nov 14, 2008
    Okay, so the newer versions of Android sort-of support Exchange, and there sort-of are other Exchange clients out there.

    However, they just don't have the depth of support or breadth of functionality that is available in Touchdown Exchange, which is also under constant and active improvement by a leader in Android development (but just sticks to one thing he does well.)


    I'm not going to exhaustively go through all the features (see here), but just iterate (if it wasn't obvious) that I LOVE this app. No, really - I look forward to the updates, and little surprises like a UI improvement here, auto-configuration there, widgets galore, sensor support, voice recognition, the list goes on. Love it.

    Kicks the a$$ of Blackberry and makes Apple and Pre look like toys. In fact, I was a WinMo user, and this is better even than Microsoft's implementation! Actually, with push my android gets email before my laptop Outlook!

    Don't tell Goutham, but after using this for a few months, I would gladly shell over $50 for it, so the price is well worth it. It's just that good, and is one of very, very few (eight) applications I have put down money for.

    In fact, I wish that Google had bought them, (as opposed to a cell provider), but I would highly encourage an IT department supporting Android to purchase bulk licensing for their users. Actually, it looks like Nitrodesk has partnered with an Exchange hosting company, so you have a complete solution from scratch for a little company. And hey, it even supports Zimbra!

    It is a testament that smart developers on a good platform can create and support a productivity product (not a game), and make a little money for it. Bravo!

    Bottom Line
    Pros: Does everything (and more) than you would expect; actively developed
    Cons: The UI can take a little getting used to, but is improving; Doesn't do everything a $3000 laptop with $400 Outlook does.
    Conclusion:Buy it. Don't think twice. Even if just for the fact that I spent the time to write this to help you save yourself some hassle. You'll be glad you did, but even if you think I'm way off mark, I would trust that Nitrodesk would return your money in a reasonable time.



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