Nov 6, 2009
Does anyone know the best exchange out there for an individual account that would sync my email, contacts and calender? If it included task and "to-do" that would just be a extra smile but not as important as the other three. I am getting the jist that this is the only way you can sync all three of these in a two way sync with the Droid and Outlook? I know the Missing Link is working on it but if I keep the phone I need it to do this TODAY not in a few questionable months.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.:D
Touchdown for exchange works great, I use it for my corporate email and contacts. All in one place and the contacts do copy to my phone as long as I edit them in outlook or TD.
geez, not to be a thread-pooper, but there are TONS of threads on this issue.

to answer your question, touchdown. :)

edit: took out "man" in case you are a woman. :)