Exchange remote security notice not appearing.


Running Exchange 2010 on WS 2008 R2.

Recently got a Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy Note to demo at work.

One exchange active-sync account does not prompt the remote security administration OK/Cancel popup after entering in the setup. Other accounts do.

As a result though nothing actually syncs and the email just sits on the loading screen.

I have narrowed the problem down to this remote security prompt not appearing for this one account because when it does appear, on another account, it works beautifully.

The interesting thing is that it gets through successfully (as the login details are correct) and appears as though it should work. It asks for what items you want to sync and what not and lets you name the account.

If anyone has any ideas about what I might be missing on Exchange for this specific user, I would love to hear it. I have checked the active sync properties and we only use the default policy which is enabled for his account.