Nov 29, 2009
I've been trying for a week to get Exchange activesync to work. I even installed Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

When I enter the server name, domain\login and password and press the Next button, the screen flashes and then returns to the same screen. Is this what happens for those of you who have this working?

I had no trouble getting it to sync with our exchange server. You do need to put in the domain followed by the "\" then the active directory Username. Put in the "short" Domain name not the long whatever.local or whatever.com. Exchange Sync basically utilized Exchanges Outlook Web access to do it's thing so make sure that is working first and you can log into from a remote computer.

For the Server Address don't put in the "http://" or "https://" header in front of it.

You may have to play with the Use secure connection if your mail server does not use SSL for Outlook Web Access. (when you go to Outlook web access does it have a https in front or just a http in the address. Https is SSL which is the default.)

You may have to turn on the Accept all certificates if your mail server does not have a "valid" ssl certificate installed. (When you go to Outlook web access from a outside computer does the browser prompt you and advise you that the certificate is not valid? if so then then your SSL certificate is not valid and you need to turn on the Accept All.

I have synced it up with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003 SP2 both with no problems although their does seem to be a problem if you try to have the phone setup with 2 Exchange Sync accounts at the same time. I could never get the second one to actually download any messages even though it goes through the setup just fine. I ended up setting up the second one with a IMAP connection instead.

One bug that I hate is that if you have 2 accounts set up like I do and you get a new email and you use the notification pull down to open the email it does not necessarily take you to the right email account to view the e-mail. It just opens your e-mail app with whatever e-mail account you last had open. I do love the way it handles multiple accounts though. I wish it would just integrate the gmail account in there as well. Having 2 apps that do e-mail on the phone is a little messy (email and Gmail) even though one of the apps can have multiple accounts in it.

I also wish it had the "smart" address lookup for people on Exchange accounts. With my storm i could start to type a domain users name and it would "find" their e-mail address from the exchange server. With the droid I either have to have all their e-mail addresses memorized or I have to have them all added as contacts.

I also wish you could sync e-mail messages back more than 30 days. I use my inbox as kind of a task list so I have messages in there older than 30 days that I wish I could see with the droid.
Ok, here is what someone is charging $175 on the internet for and you get to stand on my shoulders too see Google's Promised Land for free. I didn't pay for this solution, but figured it without this guy.

The partial fix for native application synching with exchange 2007 with no need to download additional freeware crap is