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Exchange Sync Issues- PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brademcee, May 25, 2011.

  1. brademcee

    brademcee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I just purchased an unlocked S2 and i am having problems with syncing to my SMB Exchange 2003 server. Do you think its a problem with the phone? I have already tried to factory reset the phone once.

    First problem, the phone is only downloading 450 of my 900 contacts. The weird thing is that i have tried to remove the account and reload it and the same 450 contacts sync. This has also happened after I did a factory reset. I have no other apps or accounts set up on the phone yet. Just my exchange. Email appears to be working okay.

    The other problem i noticed is that my exchange calendar is trying to sync every minute. I have everything set on push.

    Do i have a problem with my phone or is there something i am missing.


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  2. andymac

    andymac Lurker

    Hi, apologies am not sure about your query. However, you may help me as I have just had this phone. On exchange activesync set up I cant enter my server details.
    On my iphone it was mail.companyname.co.uk:8888 but if i enter this it wont let me go to next stage , the option to proceed is blocked once i enter : after .co.uk

    If i enter just mail.coname.co.uk it wont see server?

    Any ideas, what did you enter?
  3. pwhooftman

    pwhooftman Newbie

    Hi, i have been struggling with high battery usage when Exchange accounts are set to push for months now (i believe since Froyo). Recently i have determined (via the phone's logs,) that syncing the calendar kicks in every minute, just as you say. It does this with different email clients on my Samsung Galaxy S1, and with different Exchange Servers. Word is that its a Samsung driver problem, which makes sense because its not client or server specific. The only way i have foud around it is to buy Tasker in the market, and create a schedule which activates auto-sync every 4 hours for 5 minutes.

    I'm still investigating further, lets keep eachother posted about progress.
  4. akokarim

    akokarim Lurker

    kind of likewise, having problems getting my new s2 to sync and accept emails from my sky.com account. will send emails out but not receive and stay in the inbox.......help:thinking:

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