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Exchange was working, and now it's not.. unable to open connection to server?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AliciaMaria, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. AliciaMaria

    AliciaMaria Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey all.. I have exchange set up on my Droid through the email program that comes with the phone.. Its been working fine until this weekend, really. 3 separate times, it's failed to load my inbox or sync new messages, and it pops up with the unable to open connection to server message..

    Ive quadruple checked all of my settings, removed my account, re-added my account, refreshed it, and still, it wont sync my inbox and it still shows that message. I even tried installing touchdown, and touchdown wouldnt sync my email either.. wtf? I didnt like how it kept my contacts all separate from my gmail contacts, so I went ahead and uninstalled it. I REALLY just want to use the regular exchange email program..

    But get this, I am able to sync my sent mail though, and Im able to SEND email messages, just not receive them.

    We have our own exchange server for our company, and we have 4 other people in our office running exchange on their phones, (2 Motorola Droids, 1 Droid X, and an HTC 6800...) Nobody else is having issues with their phones syncing their email so I know this isnt an exchange issue, but a phone issue instead.

    Ive run an update (just the *228) on my phone, reset it like 3 times, killed all the apps, and it still wont sync my inbox (just my sent mail..) And again, it'll send email but wont receive it.

    Help?? I know calling or going into a verizon store will be a waste of time... as they dont know wtf theyre talking about.. thanks.

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  2. AliciaMaria

    AliciaMaria Lurker
    Thread Starter

    aaannd it just started working.. sigh. I spent all morning trying to get this figured out, and finally posted here, and I checked it again, and my inbox was synced..

    thanks? :D
  3. cwcheese

    cwcheese Member

    You don't say what you are syncing to... is it a corporate Exchange server? I have seen the same kind of thing with the server at my company, sometimes it won't sync even though I have the email client configured for ActiveSync push. Often it is due to some network blockage at the corporate end and I have to call the IT helpdesk about it instead of Verizon.
  4. justkatie83

    justkatie83 Lurker

    I am having the same problem. I have a motorola droid. The email was working and then it just stopped working. And it is only incoming email. I can send emails, my sent box is synching, and my corporate calendar is synching. I just cannot receive new emails. The last time it worked was 8/4. We use Kerio Connect as our email server. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. cwcheese

    cwcheese Member

    Have you tried using ping to check whether or not the IMAP or POP3 address is responding? Don't know how Kerio works but often sending email will go through an SMTP server whilst incoming are sync'ed via IMAP/POP3 so there may be an issue with one and not the other.
  6. justkatie83

    justkatie83 Lurker

    I think it is an issue with Kerio. Apparently my company installed an update to Kerio the evening of 8/4, which is when it stopped working. :mad:
  7. justkatie83

    justkatie83 Lurker

    Also, when using Kerio, you set it up on the phone like an exchange server.
  8. cwcheese

    cwcheese Member

    uh huh, that is often the case when a patch or update is applied, happens on Exchange too. Good luck.
  9. jcchilds1

    jcchilds1 Lurker

    Yesterday I got the 2.2 upgrade and as soon as it was done my email displayed that it cannot open the connection to the server. It affects my exchange email and my comcast account. I've removed and restored the accounts multiple times to no avail. Any ideas on a fix?
  10. jcchilds1

    jcchilds1 Lurker

    Have you had any luck getting it fixed?
  11. mglaiste

    mglaiste Lurker

    I was getting unreliable connections to myExchnage provider. They informed that iPhone OS4 is not freeing up the connection to the connection pool whenit has finished. They are re-booting their servers to release connections.
  12. JBear

    JBear Lurker

    I have this problem as well. Exchange was syncing with Outlook fine and suddenly stopped working on 8/19. Still can't get it to work. Other people with the same phone on our network are having no problems. Just me. There have been no updates to our server over the past week either. AND, the corporate calendar just dissappeared and I can't get it back.

    Very frustrated. Finally tried deleting the account and readding, and still getting the same message, but now ALL contacts and old emails are gone, of course!! Help! :(
  13. droidAyers

    droidAyers Lurker

    After battling this for the better part of the day, here's what finally worked for me:

    Apparently there is some new security 'features' that appears to have broken this for some people:
    Droid OTA makes Exchange more secure but more annoying for some users | andrew | Androinica

    Once I installed the 3rd party "Improved Email" app, I was asked to setup a PIN (one of the new FroYo / Exchange 'features') so that I could connect to my company's Exchange system.

    Once I chose a pin, everything worked perfectly as it did before.

    Incidentally, I checked with my IT department and they had not made any modifications on their end, so this was something that hit me after I did a factory reset following the Android 2.2 Flash update.
  14. zandroidx

    zandroidx Member

    Two questions: 1. Where do I find "improved email?" I do not see it on the market, and I do not see it in any of the threads that you linked to. 2. "Improved Email" replaces Android email completely, correct? Well, I completely rely on my Outlook (Exchange) contacts for my phone. If I install "improved email", does it also handle syncing my Exchange contacts with my Android contact list? Or does it only handle the email portion? Any other work-arounds?
  15. droidAyers

    droidAyers Lurker

    The app is by mtwebster and called "Improved Email":
    Improved Email - Android app on AppBrain

    The best I can tell, it's more of a workaround for the issue than it is a replacement. Everything else looks stock once you setup the PIN but I'm not 100%. It appears to sync my calendar and contacts just like the Exchange version does.

    [table][tr][td][​IMG][/td][td]Improved Email
    by mtwebster
    1,000 downloads, 67 ratings (4.2 avg)
  16. zandroidx

    zandroidx Member

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