Exchanged my Droid today


I love the Droid, but I just could not live with the dropped calls and the echo. I know the release is due out but that would mean 3 weeks of dropped calls (my home phone is my cell phone). I decided to exchange it. Although I got another 39/09 version, the calls sound great, facebook is working, emails are going right. Although when I look at the phone settings now. there is a category below the firmware version that says Baseband version and kernel versionh which is never had before.

I'm headed away for Thanksgiving, so hopefully the reception will be as my previous Verizon phones....and I just had a real dud. Then the upgrade to get rid of the other bugs.


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that's what I'm thinking as well, since this is so much better. At least I got to duplicate the problem in the Verizon store. I'll see on a long distance trip. There are known issues as listed on the forum, dropped calls being one of them and echos.

Hope they have fixes to the others, which I can wait on because I love the phone overall.

Camera is horribly grainy. Yuk.
I agree about the camera just slow... but I'm glad that I have not got any dropped calls yet. I drove from NY to Ga twice from the Highway to country roads no problems. Well I hope everything works out for you.:)


I'm being careful not to render judgment until the OTA update comes through, but I feel your general pain.

Different problems, but same "why-am-I-screwing-around-with-early-adoption??!"-type frustration.


I replaced my phone yesterday due to an echo. It didn't fix it and i spent an hour on the phone with tech support trying to fix it. I think he reset my line? Seems to be fine now, i'm a little skeptical. lets hope december 11 fixes this.

on a side note, i also complained about losing my screen protector when i switched phones and they are sending me a 3-pack....BONUS!!