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Exchanging my phone at the store: need info on saving and deleting personal info from old phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beepbot, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. beepbot

    beepbot Newbie
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    Bought a Motorola Triumph (carrier: Virgin Mobile) a few weeks ago, it's not charging reliably. Wiggling the jack sometimes works, not always. Tried several chargers, pretty sure it's the phone. I want to return it to the store (Best Buy) and exchange or replace it with another model. Never had to bring a phone back before, seeking advice.

    My main question is this: if you delete photos, are they still available on the storage area of the phone or on the SD card? Can you recommend a secure data removal app (something similar to Eraser)?

    Other things I'm looking for:

    1. A good way to save my texts
    2. A list of any other kinds of data I should save
    3. Info about any other privacy concerns I should be thinking about when returning a phone to a store
    4. Tips on navigating Best Buy's return policy
    5. Suggestions for other phone models. I had an LG Optimus V and was fairly satisfied with it; I might go back to it if the Triumph really is a lemon. My carrier is Virgin Mobile. Please feel free to weigh in.

    Thanks very much for your time.

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  2. beepbot

    beepbot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    stef7 gave the following (excellent) reply:

    Well, before I would consider selling or returning mine, I'd probably do the following:
    1). Copy all your content from the SD card onto a personal computer using drag and drop over the USB cable.

    2). Perform a SD Card Format
    Menu | Settings | SD card and phone storage settings | Unmount then Format

    ((alternatively, you could power down the phone, pull the 2GB card out, and put in a blank 2GB card... you could re-use the 2GB card by removing the one from the replacement phone and putting the saved one back in)).

    3). Clear your phone number using the Phone App and entering ##VIRGIN# and View, then doing it again and selecting Edit and entering 0s for your phone number. I don't think there's anything wrong with leaving the other number alone - just alter the one that was your phone number...

    4). Perform a Factory Reset (follow the procedure here)

    As for saving your texts, I suppose you could download MyPhoneExplorer from the Market (for the phone), and from the Web (for the PC) and use that. But honestly, you want to save them?
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