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exhibit ii major issues (media scanner,vibrating,ect)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by taybro, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. taybro

    taybro Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay so I've had this phone for maybe 3 months? For the past couple weeks I've had to hold the volume rocker up and the lock key to turn it on,otherwise it comes up with that screen of the battery symbol that has the loading circle in it,and then it pops up that symbol saying apparently my device is too hot? I've never done anything to harm the device so what is the issue for that? also that's not the main problem. I honestly don't mind having to turn it on like that no biggie,but like 50 percent of the time i do turn it on it won't stop vibrating..and it keeps saying "running media scanner"..... and when the device does actually boot up and successfully it usually happens within the next hour anyways. then I have to take the battery out,wait 5-10 minutes...blah blah just for it to happen again. please help!!!!

    edit: also if this helps iv noticed if its on the charger it doesn't do that media scanner thing it..but like 1 mintue after i take it off the charger it does it!

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  2. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Newbie

    There is an app called rescan media for rooted devices and one similar for unrooted devices that allows you to kill the media scan so it will bot run. My phone did the same thing so that is what i fid as a quick fix. Another thing u might want to try is cleaning yiur charger port with air. I also used rubbing alcholol but if you choose to do the alcohol thing do at your own risk. what cato my pc so the media scan kep on running and running and running. The problem has sinse been fixed on my phone.
    Hope this helps.used my phone the media scan issues was my so spelled pop on the charger prt and that cause gunk build up that made my phone thonk that it was connecting and disconnecting
  3. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Newbie

    I was also having problems turning my phone on when it wasnt plugged in and as i stated before i cleaned my port with air and rubbing alcohol and it eventually stopped but it took a couple of days after i cleaned it to stop constantly running the media scan. If you search my threads you will find one justblike yours with other suggestions on how to fix the problem.
    Hope this helps.

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