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Exhibit II protective cases?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xojess09, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. xojess09

    xojess09 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a rubberized plastic hard case for it at the moment. I find this phone slightly more slippery than some of the other phones I've held. It's not too slippery with the case I have on, but I was wondering if anybody knows or is currently using a good case with this phone that provides good protection and not too slippery?

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  2. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Newbie

    amazon has tons cheap....I've gotten all mine there.
  3. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    I went with a D3O case straight from T-Mobile. When I got my phone, there was hardly any cases on eBay or Amazon, so I pretty much had to just get one from T-Mobile. Wasn't a cheap case by any means, $30 plus tax. But I picked it up when they were buy 2 get 1 free, so I grabbed 3 figuring I'd just sell the other 2 on eBay to cut some of the price on my case down. I've sold one and still have the other listed on eBay. I like the case though.
  4. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    The Tmobile smoked D3O case isn't bad at all. And if you use the app called Foursquare. Use it to check in with and you will get 30% off accessories at the store. Only cost me about 20 bucks for the case.
  5. captainbob

    captainbob Member

    I got the D30 case from T-mobile too. Great shock absorption in my opinion and the phone will not slide, no matter what you put it on.
  6. olc

    olc Newbie

    The best case for the money is the one on Ebay for under $3. It's TPU. I have one of these and also the Qubits from Amazon and I prefer the Ebay case because it's just as good a fir, just as protective, and is not nearly as slippery. It has a flat finished back panel (partial) and textured sides. The buttons are a bit easier to push.

    There are several vendors with the same product but here's one of them. BLACK GEL TPU COVER CASE FOR Samsung Galaxy W i8150 Exhibit II 2 4G T679 TG | eBay

    Comes in black, purple, and clear. It's a bargain.
  7. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Newbie

    I purchased mines off Amazon. It was a "carbon-fiber" full case. It provided quite the support to my amazement. Also, it was quite a bargain. I'm quite pleased with this product that I purchased, it always grants life-time warranty...No arguments there! The company was called armorsuit, look them up on Amazon. Cheers
  8. resinis

    resinis Lurker

    i know this is a big thread bump, but why start another especially since i found this at the top of google search results.

    i wanted to ask, is there anywhere else to get this case?


    Amazon.com: SKULL Hard Rubberized Plastic Case Cover For Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679 (T-Mobile): Cell Phones & Accessories

    i think i bought the last one! i wonder because its the coolest cover ive ever seen, im happy i got it but im just curious if it can be had anywhere else.... i know people are going to want one too

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