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Expected bugs in D2 or do I just have a lemon?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by photomarystar, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. photomarystar

    photomarystar Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How do I know the difference?

    I have my (purchased new) D2 now for a month and I've had a fair share of bugs and quirks with it.

    -The mp3 (including ringtones) don't play consistently. At least once a week, my assigned ringtones would default and my music (mp3s) won't play. The only thing that fixes it is to pull the battery.
    -The contact list is slooow to load.
    -Youtube videos don't play consistently.
    -Camera doesn't work consistently. I take a pic and I clearly see that the pic is taken but the file does not save and the generic landscape icon appears in its place.
    -pix in gallery was slooooow to load today. Wasn't an issue till now.

    I do have advance task killer running. Would it cause these problems? I have to say though, my D2 was buggy prior to me installing ATK.

    Does this sound right? My gut tells me no. Do I have a lemon? I have insurance on this with Verizon.




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  2. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    I have had my D2 since September and had none of those problems. Get rid of the task killer though. It does slow things down. Once you learn to trust Android OS to manage itself and resources you will have no problems.

    If after you get rid of the task killer, do a battery pull and still have these issues; I would take it back (assuming you have insurance.). Otherwise you are stuck with a lemon.
  3. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    I don't have those issues either and I've had mine since the day it came out.

    You can also try doing a hard reset since that's the first thing Verizon will do anyway.

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