EXPERIENCED android user needs help deciding...


Android Expert
what new phone i should get. haha

i have the samsung fascinate right now. I like the looks of touchwiz, but it's laggy as hell. (the phone is much faster now that i've rooted it and flashed a rom) but there are still many issues i feel are hardware related (signal problems, etc.) buttttt that being said, i'm in the market for a new phone.

I'm leaning towards the thunderbolt (i had the incredible, and LOVED it, just wanted a bigger screen, hence the fascinate) but i've heard it has some issues. I'm not too worried about getting gingerbread, although it would be nice i suppose.

4g would also be nice, but not absolutely neccessary. I don't want another samsung. Not just because of the problems specific to galaxy s, but because of samsungs poor support in general. 2.2 was a little late in coming to say the least....

anyone know of any new HTC or possibly Motorola phones coming out this month that look promising? im not too picky, just want a big screen and a nice looking phone is fast and reliable