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Expressing my Love for my Milestone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beezer123, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. beezer123

    beezer123 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry guys but I just have to write it down.

    I absolutely love my Milestone and can't understand why there aren't more people on these forums that own milestones.

    I've had the phone for around 3 days now and I can't put it down. Constantly downloading new apps and just discovering more features about the phone.

    I'm gonna post some of my loves and niggles for the phone so far.

    I find that sometimes my phone doesn't charge for some reason using the milestone charger but plugging the usb cable into my apple charger it works fine.

    The battery life seems average for a smartphone.

    I absolutely love that I can put widgets on my homescreen that will keep me up to date with my feeds.

    I would love facebook to have contact sync, but i've found an application that comes close to providing full contact sync by matching up facebook names with your phone contacts although the names must be exactly the same for them to match.

    Camera i've not really had much of a chance to use it yet but the autofocus thing I've read about appears to be happening to mine although it could be the fact every time i've taken a photo it's been in low lighting.

    So far that's about everything that i've found with the phone but all in all I love it.

    Only thing I wish was that it was better advertised in the UK and more people had it, then there may be more resources for information.

  2. Unimaginative

    Unimaginative Newbie

    It's true, the Milestone is the greatest device ever created. I've named mine Stacey and we're going to elope...
  3. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

  4. richard_llz

    richard_llz Lurker

    I love my milestone too. But it is a pity that the native browser doesn't slide smoothly when browsing full-scale website. It could be better if it had a more powerful battery.

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