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Ext partition file issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mburwen, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. mburwen

    mburwen Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I set up an 8 GB EXT partition on my SD Card and transferred apps to that partition using Link2SD. However, Link2SD stops after transferring a few apps stating "Failure: No space left on device."

    I looked at the partition using a Windows app called Linux Reader and the apps that were transferred don't come close to occupying 8 GB.

    Do any of you Android/Linux Gurus understand what might be happening?

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  2. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Android Enthusiast

    8GB is way ott, 900mb is more than enough to last you a lifetime.

    I would try 2 x fat32 partitions, the most you need for the second partition would be 900mb to 1gb tops. And link2sd supports 2 x fat32 partitions and I know it works on the FT3.

    What may be an issue is the quality of the card, but until you try other options first to eliminate the possible errors, then it may be worth checking the actual data capacity of the card when all else fails.
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  3. mburwen

    mburwen Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Not sure I follow you lfc. Who cares how big the partition is as long as it can contain all the apps? Also the card is physically OK - at least it is when exercized through a PC USB port.

    I found an app called SD Maid that can clean out unused files and data. I ran it and it did clear up some space in the EXT partition, but not enough for everything. There is a "Pro" version of SD Maid that is suppoosed to give more access, but it is a paid app that I haven't been able to find anywhere except on Android Market which will not let me download it.

    I didn't know that dual FAT32 partitions will work with Link2SD. I must be doing something wrong, because when Link2SD (at least the version I have) is first fired up, it insists that an EXT partition be selected. I don't know that I'll try it. Seems like I'd have to rebuild everything that is now on the card. Thanks for the advice though.
  4. dart16

    dart16 Android Enthusiast

    Have you followed the install instructions on the Link2SD page in Market? the fix for your problem is not in clearing out an 8GB partition, as lfc was trying to tell you, the actual space you could ever need to accommodate all your application files in the hidden partition will be under 1GB...
  5. mburwen

    mburwen Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I THINK I installed the app correctly and I do understand that I don't NEED an 8GB partition, but I don't understand why the size of the partition should matter unless it is too small. I found that the author of Link2SD has a thread on the XDA-Developers forum. I posted my query there, and he responded by asking me to send him the responses to a series of command prompts - which I did. If his response is of general interest, I'll post it in this thread. For those of you who are familiar with the Linux command structure (I am not), the prompts he asked me for are:

  6. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Android Enthusiast

    There's an android rom 2gb storage limitation, so you will get loop problems on your 8gb partition, I'm sure it is examined in more detail over at xda.

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