Android Expert
Dec 26, 2010
London, UK
Ive decided to move on from eveek's eMIUI 12.18 the sms force close is doing my head in. XavierJohnn has released his own MIUI XJ v1.1.28 A2SD.

I'd like to try that but Im a lil confused as to what is the requirement for ext partition. I cant ask him directly on XDA cos as a new member of XDA I have to post 10 times in other sections before I could ask him. Anyways I copied and pasted the requirement below:

Requirements for both:
FAT32 First partition, EXT2/3/4 second partition, Swap or No swap

I already have a partiation made for the eveeks built 512mb swap 0 rest fat 32. Is xavier's version asking for the same requirement or do I need to do something else?
Im officially on MIUI XJ A2SD v1.1.26. Lets hope the sms force close doesnt happen here :rolleyes: Ive wiped all user data, cleared dalve caches and caches at least 3 TIMES just to be sure its wiped clean properly! Talk about paranoia eh?? LOL :D