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Extend battery life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by madhatter1689, May 24, 2010.

  1. madhatter1689

    madhatter1689 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I thought I'd share what I have done to extend the life of the battery.

    On a separate page I have

    Power Management widget
    Mobile on/off
    Airplane on/off
    Advanced Task killer

    Using these has been a great help. Turning the mobile off [turns the 3G off not the actual phone] still alows me to receive calls and texts. It just means I need to switch it on before I can check my email.

    With the Power Management I can turn the wi-fi on or off and adjust the brightness off the screen.

    Advanced Task Tiller is useful for doing what it says.

    I will have got two days worth out of the battery by the end of the day.

    Obviously the more you use the phone the more you use the battery but using these apps will extend your battery life.

    Any other useful apps???

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  2. mirrorimage

    mirrorimage Well-Known Member

    Delete the task killer, you'll find your battery lasts longer without it.
  3. mirrorimage

    mirrorimage Well-Known Member

    And juice defender is good. Bit buggy at the moment, but well worth it, as the developer is quite good at sorting out problems!
  4. Vip8888

    Vip8888 Newbie

    Switching off the automatic updates for Friendstream (Twitter and Facebook) as well as for the Weather app incl the animations seem to have made the biggest improvent to battery life for me.
  5. dunbad

    dunbad Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think we need a thread that is positive about our batterys and how we set up and possible drawbacks/benefits. Not just a pointless moan. Also we could put our current usage with regards to how effective they are.
    Right I have the power widget like you, plus the data widget. Plus I turn off data location services as used by the phone and certain apps. And I turn off gps location services.Both of these settings can be found under settings, location.
    I turn off background data and auto sync. Again via settings, account and sync.
    I turn off always enable mobile data via settings wireless networks, mobile networks,
    I have wifi sleep policy set from never to 15 mins, this can be found under wifi, then pudding menu, then advance wifi settings.
    Also as ive mentioned before, on boot up (i make sure I reboot my phone assurer every full charge). I go to running services via settings applications. I stop the obex callender, and g talk. I do not use task kilter or any task manager. But i do stop those running services and have noticezero issues. Thee is another calender service that i leave running.it says c connectivity services or something l like that.
    Now this set up maybe poo for many of you. Petty much everything is off right? But when i wanna turn on gprs, or refresh my emails or weather, it takes me a click our two. No bug desk for me. not when you check out these figures.

    battery uptime (figure only makes sense after rebooting from a full charge).

    14 hours, 50 minutes.
    Awake time
    2 hours, 43 minutes. During this time ive spent an hour and a half browsing the net via gprs. Checking emails twice, about ten mins on calls, a few texts. Listen to songs via headset for the rest.
    Battery remaining, 83 percent. That for me is not too bad at all. I do charge every night, But I can go 2 days now with probably 5 or 6 hours uptime over both days.
  6. samdale36

    samdale36 Member

    I have "Advanced Task Killer Free" installed have it as one of the selected apps to be 'killed' so it isn't always on. Are you saying that would drain the battery too or am I confused?
  7. dunbad

    dunbad Well-Known Member

    I installed it and its good. Better now. But im no expert, i just through caution to the wind!
  8. madhatter1689

    madhatter1689 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the comments so far.

    #mirroeimage - yes, I am confused to. How can it use more battery when it turns stuff off that is running in the background and turns itself off as well?

    #Dunbad - thanks for those tips. I will try some of them. I guess it comes down to individual use at the end of the day. Some folk will want some apps to be updated and others wont. Let me know how you get on with Advanced Task Killer and what you think of it.
  9. dunbad

    dunbad Well-Known Member

    Sorry thats a typo, (i know there were many typos in that thread!) I meant to say, I uninstalled task killer! Its good without it, just takes abit of trusting. Im no expert though.
  10. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    I did the data off test, and found it used more battery reconnecting the data for syncs than leaving it on 24/7. On Tmobile, not sure if a network quirk or typical behaviour.

    Juice defender used more battery than it saved, so I binned it after 3 days. 3% overnight without rose to 8% battery drain with!
  11. dunbad

    dunbad Well-Known Member

    Yeah and I agree, there are circumstances/users who would not suit to turn data off. However, I think alot depends how often you sync. Mine is disabled, including any apps trying to suck data. I connect maybe 5 or 6 times a day and sync maybe 2 our 3 times and have noticed good increase in my favor. Also I think it depends how much you move around different locations. Its possible the hunting and changing of signal uses more battery. Also possibly a benefit I get is that I will have less missed calls as if you have updates going on in the background whilst on G, at the time you receive that call, it will go through to answer phone without ringing.
  12. On a side note:

    I have an office job - 7 to 3.
    I keep my battery topped up by charging it when it drops to 70% while at office.
    I have a car charger, so I charge it when its below 70%.
    I never have low battery in the middle of the day. Towards the end of the day it may be low but I have used 1.5 times the life of the battery per day.
  13. Bang Bang Boom

    Bang Bang Boom Well-Known Member

    when I got my desire I was lucky to get 4hrs without having it put it back on charge.

    it was really doing my head in and thought my battery was shagged and bought a brand new one off HTC site.

    now I had a brain wave, my email app was constantly connected..so I went into the email settings, it was only connecting every 15 mins... now its set to connect manually. now I can get 7hrs out of my battery with quite a bit of useage.. streaming using the flash player, loads of internet browsing, downloading, music player... all before it needs another charge...

    damn you email app

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