extend range of bluetooth for my gear watch

Hello all new to the forum but not galaxy notes. I started with a note 3 and when the note 5 came out I jumped to the 4 because I left apple for the lack of upgradability in sealed disposable products. I also have a note pro 12.2 tablet. OK hear is my question I searched around and could only find an old post on here about boosting Bluetooth for headphones. I have had a Gear 2 watch and at work it is nice to be able to leave my note 4 in my office and move around the shop without the big phone strapped to me. problem is it is only good for 30 ish feet. Is there a way to purchase or make a booster or repeater for BT like they have for Wi-Fi. I have found nothing so far so might be grasping at straws. Any Input would be appreciated.

Thanks Dave.