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Extended 1750 mAh is here!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by albiewan, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. albiewan

    albiewan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  2. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    $50... hmm... I dunno.. maybe.
  3. ericDylan

    ericDylan Android Enthusiast

    i am thinking of getting the 3500 but not sure if i am willing to take the extra thickness. the main reason i got the eris was because of its slim profile. i guess i will have to settle for a 1750 :(
  4. albiewan

    albiewan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yep, somehow the idea of turning it into a pregnant guppy doesn't appeal to me.
  5. This battery is worth $15 tops.
  6. mckinzie.rose

    mckinzie.rose Newbie

    I've thought about getting it but, unlike most, I have no battery issues. Mine lasts atleast a day with moderate use to somewhat heavy use. Plus I have a car charger if needed. But I am interested in how much longer the 1750 gives.
  7. joeyray15

    joeyray15 Member

    SO this claims that i can use the battery door that comes with the eris and all the sides will snap shut? Has anyone purchased this yet and can they verify if it is true?
  8. albiewan

    albiewan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you read the link I posted it says Pre Order, Shipping Begins The Week of 1/10
  9. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

    Then you shouldn't have made the thread title say the battery "is here." Everyone knows they've been developing the battery, and by saying it's here, one would assume it's now available, whereas it really isn't available for 5 more days.
  10. albiewan

    albiewan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    "Everyone knows?" Well excuse me, I didn't realize you were the spokesman for the entire Droid forum. Besides that I meant "here" as in "here's (the link)". Next time I will be sure to run my threads through you first for your approval.
  11. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

    I'm just saying before you go getting on someone for something, you should stop and think about what you said first. ;)
  12. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

    Ya got to admit albiewan that the title is a little misleading. We really shouldn't have to click on your link to find out the info that's it's just a preorder. Nonetheless, I think I'm going to wait until 2.1 to see what happens to battery life. $50 on a preorder is just too much.
  13. AwesomeIT

    AwesomeIT Well-Known Member

    I read about all the battery issues before I got the Eris, but to be honest, although the battery isn't fantastic and wears down fairly quickly, it's usually around 30%-40% when I go to bed at night and I charge my phone every night. I let it drain down to around 15 percent the first few days I had it, but with my usage, which is pretty heavy, and the battery lasting at least a full day I have no problem with the current battery.

    Also being that I'm at a desk most of the day I can always plug my phone into my PC if I want to charge it anyway. I know people expect the battery to last longer and don't feel like they should have to pay extra for a longer lasting battery, but when it comes to technology I want what I want and if that means buying a longer lasting battery if I would need it for $50 then so be it.
  14. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    well now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  15. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    I just received the 1750 battery and compared both with the stock cover. With the 1750 battery, the stock door snaps on just the top and bottom but not the sides like the 1300. There are no gaps on the sides and the door holds firm though, so I'm somewhat satisfied. I do not see this being a problem but I will post back with any problems.
  16. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    how are there no gaps on the sides when the stock door doesnt snap on the sides? can you post a photo to show us?
  17. I just ordered these a couple of days ago...
    It may not be 1750mah, but 1500mah should be just enough for what I need, and it comes with 2 BATTERIES! AND A wall charger! all for only $17
    will let everyone know how the performance stacks up once I receive them :)

    yes, they are coming from hong kong, but waiting a week and a half/2 weeks is worth the $33 i saved and got more!

    2x BATTERY+DESKTOP CHARGER FOR VERIZON HTC DROID ERIS - eBay (item 270519582451 end time Feb-21-10 10:57:34 PST)

    Also, for those of you wondering how this 1750mah battery you are all talking about is working out.. check out this thread on one of the forums i Mod, he posted his stats over a period of a few days, and compared it with the original battery (went back and forth between batteries)

    HTC Droid Eris Forum - 1750 Seidio battery
  18. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    WOW!! That's a great deal, please let us know how they perform... Although I don't see the use of having a total of 3 batteries but hey it's still a great deal
  19. LOL i agree, wtf am I gonna do with all 3?
    But hey, you never know! Sometimes you don't even think about doing certain things because of restrictions like that.. Maybe i will have a need to bring 2 extra fully charged batteries with me one day. camping trip? power outage? never know! LOL

    Also, i would have paid 18 bucks for only 1 1500mah and a charger! LOL, so hey, why not?

    I also noticed the wall charger they come with has a USB port on bottom so you can also use it to charge your phone with battery inside, as an extra wall charger lol..
    When I first got the phone, I ordered a car charger/home charger/belt case package on ebay for like 10 bucks as well lol..
    So I guess I will have 3 wall chargers now too! HAHAHA..
  20. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    Exactly and if the deal is kosher when I go on my 3 day vacations I won't ev3en need a charger I can just bring my arsenal of batteries
  21. yep.. and honestly, you can get 6 of these batteries, and 3 chargers, for about the same price as 1 single 1750mah... Just seems like a no brainer to me :)

    thats 9000mah +1300mah from the OEM

    so instead of having a total of 3,050mah in batteries, why not get 10,300mah for the same price!

    this is just my opinion though...
    Some people probably will not want to be bothered with switching batteries constantly, and would just like to have 1 that holds a lot of power... but it wont bother me at all

    This 1750mah company also offers a 3500mah for the eris, which would be awesome! if it didnt double the thickness of the phone! granted it's only $20 more and comes with the back cover, but it just looks ugly! lol and you can't use protective cases with it :-/
  22. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 003.jpg
  23. Yosef

    Yosef Member

    I purchased the 1750mah Battery from Seidio and was dissatisfied with the general workmansip The black adhesive tape was put on sloppily, uneven, and it had high points. After complaining to Seidio, they sent a replacement battery that is fine. So for those of you who may encounter any issues, Seidio will do its best to provide customer satisfaction. They did acknowledge to me that some of the initial shipments had some issues, but they are now resolved. :D
  24. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    so it doesnt "snap" shut, but it still looks like its closed all the way. still nice and slim? if nobody told you it had a different battery in there, would you even know that the back cover isnt on all the way? is that the phone's reflection, or is it resting on something?

    so far im gettin about 2 days with my phone with moderate talk, heavy text, light web, and moderate market. ive noticed the battery doesnt last as long if i let it completely die and let it power down. if i plug it in at 10%, i get better life. ive had it for 4 days now.
  25. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    as far as i'm concerned the cover is closed all the way, it does snap on the top and bottom, the sides do not come apart. for some reason it just doesn't "snap" like the 1300.:thinking: In the pic it is resting on the case, not a reflection.

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