Help [Extended Battery Backing's Volume Button]


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I just recently got the Platinum Series 3400 mah extended battery for my Evo V 4G. I had a feeling that the extended back cover that came with it wouldn't be the best of quality because many reviewers stated that the power button wouldn't work well. To my surprise, it wasn't the power button that gave me issues, it was the Volume Up Button. The volume down button works everytime and gives a decent amount of feedback, but the volume up button is without feedback and most of the time hit or miss. I am not sure what to do in this situation. Any advice on things that I could do to remedy this?
Depends on what the problem is. On mine the button was too tight so I hit it with a razor blade to cut the excess plastic and that fixed it. On my friends it was too lose and didn't seat right on the button which he wasn't able to fix.


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Yeah, I don't think the knob is sitting right on the button. It just give no feedback when I press it and its hit or miss. I put the case back on and now its a little better. Should I put the tape on the knob of the case, or the volume button itself?


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People have had this problem even with the stock case due to manufacturing tolerances, place the shim on the nub inside the cover itself. There was actually a YouTube video at one time. :p