Extended battery effort


Extended battery let's make it happen already for those who haven't emailed sales@batterybay.net please do so simply drop them an email regarding the extended battery for the premia that's all.no one else is going to make a extended battery for the premia we have to make it happened or will we be stuck with vary poor battery life 2to3 hours then it drained. .post on here if u sent them a email!!!!!


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If they get enough emails they will make the prototype and send me the pics and i will post on here . Hopefully you guys email them!!"

Here is what it says if you cannot see the image, and clickable link :D.

Thanks, we will consider to produce this extended battery model. By the way,
you can take this replacement battery first:
http://www.batterybay.net/Battery-for-Huawei-M660-p/huawei -cs-hum660xl.ht

Thanks and hope to deal with you soon on Batterybay.net