Extended Battery HTC EVO V 4G


Anyone looking to get rid of their HTC EVO V 4G Extended battery?
Anyone have suggestions? I'm looking to purchase one.


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I got a LaZa Cell extended battery for about $20 and it basically doubles the capacity of the stock battery. I've been using it for pretty much a year now and it still holds a full charge and everything. I remember my phone pretty much "accepted" it right away and it read the percentages right since I first installed it. I like it, I never had any problems with it, so I would recommend it. I haven't tried any other ones, so I can't compare thought.


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Using the platinum series battery right now for my phone. Its a 3400 mah and works well. Its basically a rebranded Seidio, so it has good quality Japanese cells. Got it for 26 on amazon.