Extended battery - weight results


I picked up the extended battery and decided to compare the weight to the standard battery. The results are my Nexus with the stock battery weighs 146 grams, with the extended battery it weighs 151 grams. Not a bad trade off.

Just like many, I find it more comfortable to hold too with the extended battery and cover in place.

Both covers weigh the same at 8 grams.


Extreme Android User
did you try putting the stock cover on with the ext battery? i read that some people said that would work. Just curious. My ext battery should be here in a couple of days.


The stock cover does NOT fit over the extended battery. When you pull the cover off you'll notice that the battery is offset and closer to the right side of the phone. With the extended battery this forces that side of the cover to pop off. You can push hard enough and secure it, but it'll just pop right back out.

Not a big deal because the extended battery cover fits really well and you cannot even tell a difference.