OK, so I've gone ahead and ordered the 1750 extended batter. From reading the various threads here it 'appears' that it's a bad idea to totally let a battery discharge. My question is, what do you do with the old battery? I'd like to keep it for a backup, but I'm assuming over time it will totally discharge. All advice appreciated.
mail it to me. truth be known though wait for or buy a cradle that has the extra slot for a spare battery to charge while not in the phone and put it there occasionally.
I'll take it.

I can also recommend throwing it into a nice warm fire. The colors are so pretty just before it explodes.
If you will bother to maintain it, I would keep it as a spare. If not, give it to somebody.

But yes, if you keep it, you do need to maintain it. If you leave it sitting in a drawer OR leave it plugged in all the time it will die. To maintain it, you'll need to leave it off the charger for long stretches of time, then every now and again charge it back up.

It's kind of a pain.
Please send it to my address. I will assure you that I will keep it in a safe place. I can't guarantee that you will ever get it back though. Oh and btw, you have to pay shipping and a "premium safe storage" fee.:)