Extended Referral Program


Boost Mobile has extended their referral program. Codes received after 4/9/12 now have a 12-month expiration date and the referral program runs from 4/9/12 to 9/30/12.

FAQ | Customer Support | Boost Mobile

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Old thread but I just got a code

BSTFREEMSG Receive $25 for referrals. Your referral code: 127912329164. Rules & Restrictions @ http://msg4u.us/cro

Edit :
All used up thanks to septembersrain.

Got the $75 credit within a week. They immediately paid my next month's bill leaving a $40 Bal. I went and bought a HTC One SV and they reversed that and upped me to $40/month. I went ahead and paid it, so I still have a $35 balance for August. Still good. I wondered how they would handle that...