Help External Bluetooth GPS?


Has anyone here tried using an external bluetooth GPS receiver with the SGS?

I'd love a fix for the GPS issues to come along, but the phone is otherwise so brilliant that I'd be up for getting an external unit for using it when driving (or even for using with My Tracks etc.) if the thing never gets sorted.

Any reason why one wouldn't work? I can see a few on Amazon for around


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Not sure how the firmware would handle two GPS receivers at the same time (the one build in and an external one). Onecan disable the location service from the settings, but it might be conflicting with an external GPS receiver.
I guess someone needs to give it a try to find out.


Hello to everyone.

I need help to make my external bluetooth gps communicate with the installed software on motorola.
I installed the software indicated by Nodar and communicates perfectly with the holux and show the satellites information. But how can i do to show the bluetooth gps external to any other GPS programs without turn on internal GPS?

How to make external gps bluetooth provide information like the internal gps?

Thanks all.


Bluetooth GPS Provider works well for me. It seems to trick the system by using the 'Allow mock locations' function in Applications: Development. It has worked with all the apps I have tried (Multimap, MyTracks, Navigation, Maverick, Maps). I have a RoyalTek receiver which I used with my Palm Tx which is much more sensitive than the Galaxy (not surprisingly). Bluetooth GPS Provider can be found at :: start