External Charge Indicator

I just bought a TF for my fiance for Christmas, and I want to have it charged up so that she (and I) can use it right away when I give it to her. I'm new to tablets in general, so I don't know if there's any kind of notification LED (like on my phone) that would indicate that it's fully charged. There doesn't appear to be one. I suppose I could just turn it on, but kind of wanted her to be the first one to use it.

This is kind of a dumb question, but does anybody know?


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You (and she) will love your new TF! :)

You're correct, there is no external indicator for charging. You have to turn it on and check the battery icon in the notification area.

I'd suggest fully charging, then completely powering it down (long press the power button) before wrapping it. That way you'll know for sure it will be fully charged when it's unwrapped.

Unused it will hold a charge for several days, but 'off' will give you a fully charged battery on the big day.

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Honestly I'll probably end up giving it to her tonight or tomorrow because I want to play with it so bad.

Kind of weird to me that there's no LED or anything to indicate a full charge on the outside. Thanks for the help!