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External GPS

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Offroad, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Offroad

    Offroad Lurker
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    First post so go easy please, l have a ZTPAD 4.0/4.1 OS With no inbuilt GPS or Bluetooth so l bought a external gps , It says on the box it requires no driver to make it work if its for a Android Yea right....The unit works fine on my PC But plug it in on the ZTpad and the power light comes on and the green gps light flashes but the program that l wish to use it with {Navionics charts }says no gps connected ,l have been to the google play store and downloaded a few gps programs to see it it will run on those with no joy

  2. AxlMyk

    AxlMyk Newbie

    How do you connect to the PC? The only way I can connect one to mine is with a comm port.
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  3. Offroad

    Offroad Lurker
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    Yes through the comm port
  4. chasinn32

    chasinn32 Lurker

    You need to connect to the Comm port

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