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External IP constantly changing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Guitar426, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Guitar426

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    My T-Mobile HTC Amaze's external IP (when on 4G) is constantly changing (static external IP?). I have opened a port on my network, with a whitelist, and I don't want to remove the whitelist. Is there a way to stop the IP from changing? It changes every time I power off, restart, change batteries, or turn mobile data on/off.

  2. Rukbat

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    If you're trying to connect your phone, on 4G, to something in your network, you forward the port to the device you're connecting to. You have no control over the IP address your 4G connection gets. (Although I can't see why it would change constantly, but there's nothing in the internet specification to require an outgoing device - which the phone is - to have a static IP address. As long as the IP address remains constant over the life of a single connection, it works.) You can't "whitepage" the IP address of a phone or a browser.

    If it's the other way around, and you're trying to connect to the phone's IP address, the carrier isn't going to give you any help. Phones aren't supposed to be used as servers, which is the only reason for a static incoming IP.

    BTW, a static IP is one that never changes (like the address of a server). An address that changes every time you reboot, or every time you disable, then enable, 4G, is a dynamic IP. If your 4G connection's IP changes every time you check it (say you go to whatsmyip.org, over and over, or keep refreshing it), there's something wrong, and some websites won't work with your phone. (I just tried it on my phone, and the IP address stayed the same for a few refreshes of the page. Even turning 4G off and going to wifi, then turning wifi off and re-enabling 4G, kept the same IP address on 4G.)
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