Sep 11, 2011
So, I'm new to Android and have only had this phone for about a week after getting caught in the rain with my iPhone. I'm loving it so far, but I've got an issue with the SD card...

I bought a 16g external SD card from Meijer the other night (SanDisk). When I put it in the phone and look at it under the settings, it shows up and everything appears normal. If I plug the phone in and turn on USB storage, I get two disks mounted on my desktop (I'm on a Mac) -- one for the phone's internal storage and one for the SD card/external. If I add media files to the external, the phone will scan and find them and add them to the music player. All good.

It seems, though, that the phone won't write anything to the external SD card. If I take photos with the camera it tells me the internal memory is full rather than saving them to the SD card. Doggcatcher won't download new podcasts because it tells me the memory is full (this is with nothing on the SD card). When I click on apps that can be moved to the SD card I get "failed to move application, not enough memory" error.

I used DiskUtility to reformat the card, but that didn't solve anything. It almost seems as if the card is read-only? This is really frustrating... I really don't care about anything else, but only being able to download one podcast at a time or take 2-3 photos before I'm out of memory isn't going to cut it for me. Any help on how to fix this?
...also -- I have a folder in the phone's internal memory disk when it mounts called _ExternalSD

I thought maybe the problem was that the phone was looking for that folder so tried to delete it (but saved a copy on my laptop) but it won't delete. Do I need to somehow point that folder to the other disk image that mounts?
_ExternalSD is your 16gb SD card.

Everything that's underneath the _ExternalSD card folder (not inside it), is your internal memory, of which the phone has 8 gigs (take out OS space, and other crap, and you're left with 5.something gigs of space to use).

So you may wanna try moving that stuff from your "Phone memory" to your "_ExternalSD" card.

Try this thread that 817bistro made just about a week ago. It may help you.
Thanks -- I'll play around and see if that clears things up. I think the problem is that I've been putting stuff in the separate disk image rather than the file in the phone's disk image.

Does this mean when I download podcasts they'll go to the internal memory and then I'll have to use Polaris office to move them over to my SD? That's doable but seems tedious...