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extra battery charger that doubles as external battery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AftermathLK, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. AftermathLK

    AftermathLK Newbie
    Thread Starter

    is there any products that can do this? thanks. I have an extra battery, but I don't feel like taking out my other battery if my other runs low

  2. CheezWiz

    CheezWiz Well-Known Member

    Zagg SparQ Enter their iPad contest for a chance at a 50% discount code and get it for $50...
  3. upther

    upther Android Enthusiast

  4. crazyg0od33

    crazyg0od33 Android Enthusiast

    That zaggsparq is awesome. I may just use my 50% code for it!
    I need 50 bucks though
  5. crazyg0od33

    crazyg0od33 Android Enthusiast

    Hey, does the zagg sparq 2.0 do a trickle charge and eliminate the bump charge issue? Or is that an HTC issue within the phone?
  6. wtfdan

    wtfdan Well-Known Member

    It won't as long as your phone is on while chargin
  7. crazyg0od33

    crazyg0od33 Android Enthusiast

  8. CheezWiz

    CheezWiz Well-Known Member

    The charging circuit is in the phone.. So no..

    I have two Sparqs though, they are great...

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