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Extremely frustrated with HTC Hero, please help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mxu030, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. mxu030

    mxu030 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I just bought a Telus HTC Hero, which the seller had unlocked. I intend to use this phone with another carrier, Bell. After spending a few hours at Bell customer service, they finally managed to get the 3G data working (for weather, email etc.). However, the browser does not work, neither does the Market.

    What seems to be causing the problem is that this phone is MASSIVELY tweaked (appears massive to me probably because I'm not that big on tweaking and don't know about the Android OS in general) by the previous owner who only had it for a few days. The Bell customer service person told me that they switched over a couple of other HTC devices from Telus that were NOT tweaked and the data works perfectly.

    All I want is for the phone to be in original factory settings, with original ROMs, firmwares, software, etc. etc. Just looking at the whole bunch of different files that this guy had on the 2GB "gold" memory card made my head spin. He attempted to explain to me with all the "updates" and fancy "roms" and "roots" and crap that I didn't understand nor do I want to spend the time to learn.

    I understand that a lot of people buy android phones because they love tweaking but I am not really into all that... I just wanted the phone for the form factor and the functionality and I don't want to worry about optimizing and whatnot. So my question is: is there any way to get the phone back to the most original possible software condition? I just want it "clean." Can I go ahead and wipe everything that is on the 2 GB card? What do I do? I performed a hard reset and it took me to some weird startup screen and I chose the first option which is like reboot now (there were also a bunch of other options including apply update.zip or something)... it still gave me the same MoDaCo build.

    I can provide any information but I would really appreciate any help in restoring my seemingly very tweaked phone to original, factory settings, so it could be like any other phone being sold by Telus other than the fact that it is unlocked.

    Here is more information I don't know if this will help:

    Firmware version: 1.5
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-mck-teknologist-1.8root@neutrino
    Build number: MoDaCo Custom ROM 2.9 Core, SSH password: (is it safe to list this?)
    Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    I just found in this thread:


    That a Telus phone has a build number of 2.73.661.46

    Mine is obviously different. Did this guy even sell me a real Telus phone?

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  2. rioja

    rioja Guest

    Sounds like the phone you bought was screwed up from a botched root or something. I have an unlocked Telus Hero running on Rogers. It works perfectly on 3G, HSPA and even EDGE (2G) so if it's unrooted you should have no problems with it, especially since Bell/Telus are sharing their new 3G infrastructure.

    Have a look here for the instructions: How To: UnRoot the HTC Hero/Get Back to Cupcake (Updated for Sprint Hero) | The Unlockr. I have not rooted or unrooted mine, but the instructions seem clear enough.

    Make sure you download Hero Original RUU ...NOT the Sprint one!
  3. mxu030

    mxu030 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the long post but I am kind of panicking. I managed to get all the 3g services to work after toying around with Bell APN stuff. However, I really want to get rid of this MoDaCo ROM and go back to the original Telus baseband and stuff. Do you know how I can do that?

    I have looked at the link you sent me. However, is the original Hero ROM the same as the one provided by Telus? I also don't want a really old version of whatever it is.

    I just came from a Palm Pre and on the Palm we just have one simple OS but all this ROM, baseband, build, firmware complexity on Android is very confusing. How do I go back to the original Telus software? Is it even possible?

    If you have not rooted/unrooted your phone (I assume this means modify), how does your ROM abd baseband stuff compare to mine? Yours should still be the original Telus ones if you haven't done any modification other than unlock it.

    I also found out there's a boot screen I have access to when I do a reset and these are the options it gives me. Perhaps one of them can restore the phone back to the original settings?

    - Reboot system now
    - Nandroid v2.2 backup
    - Nandroid v2.2 restore
    - Apply sdcard:update.zip
    - Apply sdcard:choose zip
    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - Wipe SD: ext partition
    - Wipe SD: dalvik-cache
    - Part SD: fat32+ext2+swap
    - Part SD: onlt far32
    - Repair ext filesystem
    - Convert ext2 to ext3
    - Fix apk vid mismatches
    - Fix rotate
    - USB Mass storage on
    - USB Mass storage off

    He tells me the baseband is different from the Telus original factory baseband due to the unlocking. Is this possible?
  4. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

    You phone is fine. It's not permanently screwed up or anything like that. In order to get the data services working, you need to properly setup your APN list. Ask your Bell provider for the APN information and go into Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Network Options > Access Point Names. Put in the proper information and it should work fine.

    If you want to get rid of MoDaCo, you might have a few options. I would try to find an official Telus ROM and use that custom boot menu (Home + PowerOn) to flash to that original ROM. To do that, you'll want to put the ROM image on your SD card and rename it update.zip. Then choose the Apply sdcard:update.zip option. However, you should definitely do this with someone else who knows what their doing to confirm each step.

    Another option could be a nandroid backup. Check the SD card for a "nandroid" folder. If it's there, you may be in luck. In it should be a folder called HT####### blah blah. Inside of that should be one or more folders that will have a date format at the end of them, YYYYMMDD-HHMM. Try to find the oldest one on the list, and use the Nandroid 2.2 restore option (in the Home + PowerOn menu thing) with that folder. Hopefully, it will be the original ROM that came with the phone. But it all depends if the guy before you saved a proper nandroid backup of the original ROM or not...you never know.
  5. rioja

    rioja Guest

    Here's my info from the Telus version:
    Firmware version: 1.5
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-0078c992
    Build number: 2.73.661.46
    Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    quantum is correct though, you're probably best to try and find a Telus ROM if you want it put back to what Telus officially offers.

  6. mxu030

    mxu030 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone for your help thus far. I am new to this device and I'm probably overreacting a bit. I'm going to try to reflash the original ROM back and I'll respost if I'm successful.

    I am really in love with this phone. Thanks!

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