Sep 8, 2013
Okay so when I first got my phone I was getting pretty good data speeds. I hadn't tested them to know what they were like I should have but now that I've tested them this is what I'm getting:

Down: 54kbps
Up: 100kbps

Obviously these are ridiculous speeds. Could I have been throttled or what's going on? :thinking: (I can use a lot of data sometimes) But I can hardly do anything on my phone anymore & would love to fix this. I'm thinking about messing around with a speed optimizer maybe? Also my phone does have root access so I'm open to more options.

So I called straight talk and they told my data speeds have been "reduced" because I used excessive data. They said it would go back to normal speeds on my service end date. But I was able to boost my speed by 0.5kbps! lol :rolleyes:
Yeah, like a lot of others ST *claims* "unlimited" data, but throttles you if you go over 2gigs/month. I *guess* that's "unlimited data" .. by SOMEbody's definition, at least.... }:/